Work On Weak Economic Variables To Recover Economy Now, Jimoh Ibrahim Advises New CBN Governor At The Senate

Billionaire business mogul and Senator representing Ondo South, Dr Jimoh Ibrahim on Tuesday advised the new Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Dr. Olayemi Cardoso to work on the weak economic variables to revamp the nation’s economy.

Senator Ibrahim gave the advice during the screening of the new Governor of the nation’s Apex bank on th floor of the Senate.

He emphasised that what the CBN Governor should work on immediately are the weak variables which he assured would should spring the nation’s economy back to strong footings.

The billionaire declared that Dr. Cardoso should focus on policies that would provide conducive environment for small and medium scale enterprises to boost the nation’s economy to the grassroots.

According to Dr. Ibrahim, “Mr. Governor, what I would advise you to do right away is to work on all weak variables without delay.

“These are the things that would help in revamping the nation’s economy quickly, because Nigerians are looking forward to seeing you turn the economy around with creative policies.

“What the citizens want now is to seeing you make life easy for them through your monetary policies that would help boost the business and trade of the market women no matter her location in the country.

“I wish you success, because by your dossier, you’re capable of occupying this office.”

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