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“We are therefore extremely grateful that Her Excellency, has been able to find time from her very busy schedule to deliver the lecture. Since I first met her about three years ago, I have come to identify her as one of the most socially conscious, patriotic and knowledgeable women in the field of development in this country. As a protagonist of women development and social well-being over the years, one of my unspoken passions has been to look out for women who can stand on their own and overcome the social restrictions and barriers often placed on them to contribute to national development. Her Excellency Arabinrin Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu stands as the epitome and example of women progressivism, a reform minded disciple of social justice and equity, and one of the most profound and knowledgeable First Ladies that this country has ever produced.

She is not a First Lady who decided to have a pet project just because she is a First Lady. Rather, she started her social justice mission and activism several years before her husband became the Executive Governor of Ondo State.
Indeed, social activism, and the desire to do justice to all manners of people is her DNA, and is in her blood, as we all can see. She is one of very few First Ladies in this country who founded social advocacy platforms before they came into office, and which they have continued to use to foster the development of equity and social justice. Her founding of the Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria (BRECAN) in 1997, several years before she came into office in 2017 is well known throughout the country. The tenacity, determinism, conviction and passion with which she has managed BRECAN provides eloquent example on ways to identify a health challenge, to promote the understanding among the populace on the determinants of that challenge, and to vigorously develop strategies for overcoming the challenge.”

Professor Friday Okonofua, Vice-Chancellor University of Medical Sciences, Ondo City, Ondo State.

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