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Why Nigerians must re-elect Buhari – Benson Akindeju

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The Chief Executive Officer of AK Media, a film making outfit, Asiwaju Benson Akindeju, has canvassed the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The entertainment boss believes that Buhari will defeat his opponents by a wide margin more than the 2015 result based on his achievements.

He insisted there is nothing new the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) wants to offer the country, except to draw the hands of the clock backwards.

“There is nothing new PDP can offer Nigerians again than loot and milk the country dry because they don’t have focus. What did we gain from their 16-year misrule? Now that we have someone with the desire to reposition the country, a few cabals don’t like it.

“Buhari is incorruptible; he is the only one for now who can change things for better. People are ganging up against him because he has denied them some rights they feel belongs to them alone and their families.

“We are lucky that he won the election in 2015, if not, all of us would have returned to our villages because of economic hardship orchestrated by the PDP.

“Look at the oil wells they have cornered for themselves, if states are given oil wells, they will use it to better the lives of their residents. Again, look at what is happening in Lagos, look at the way Governor Akinwumi Ambode is turning Lagos into a mega city with development everywhere.

“Asiwaju Bola Tinubu started it, and it is continuing. If Lagos is to be given an oil well, the government will do more. Let us rally round Buhari for better achievements.

“I am not a politician and will never be one, but my friends are both in APC and PDP. I will never join them but the truth must be told that Buhari is the person we need for now. Aside killings here and there, there is nothing incriminating that can be attributed to him and am sure he will win the fight against insecurity. I still have the hope that things will be okay and Nigeria will be great again.”

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