Only few months heralding my return to Ondo State did I enjoy the privilege to meet the classical and savvy first lady of Ondo State, Mrs Akeredolu who honoured my desire to discuss the potentials and prospects of the Akeredolu led administration.

Knowing the import of a dutiful wife who is extremely conscious of her actions, activities, and inaction, especially those akin to humanity with respect to women folks and special interest on the Girlchild through her BEMORE pet project and other attendant proposals espousing her advocacy on the need to project the Girls who although young deserve the best emotional support.

Consequently, Mrs Akeredolu fondly called Mama Digital obliged me a visit and through our discussion, I realized how important politics is to our entire being. Left for me, and through our discussion, I confided in Mama-FOWOSO my abhorrence for politics in this clime, especially the style adopted by players within rank and file. I expressed dissatisfaction to Mama-SOLAYO on how the system stifled and discouraged otherwise brilliant minds, and that mine would rather a voice for the voiceless as a professional.

This and many more were discussed with particular reference and emphasizes on her bias and prejudice for for gender parity, equality and balance.. We also examined other relevant aspects of humanity and the need to cushion effect on good governance with some modicum of decency.

For all the moment we shared in our robust exchange and interaction, Mama-BEMORE was bent on encouraging young minds into politics. She firmly opined that the future belongs to our generation. Mrs. Akeredolu further insisted that we looked inward to engage our Legislators and Executives, and demand the best form of leadership.

Advertently, Mama reliably gathered through our privileged meeting that only the youth who are committed and focused can transform the already decayed system that we may be collectively rescued from the whirlpool of political setbacks and ignorance bedevilling our soceity.

Mama ended our discussion with a quote from Abraham Lincoln whose perceived understanding of politics dwell more on morality.

According to her, If Democracy is a Government by the people, for the people and of the people….Then good people must be involved and saddled with the responsibilities of trust, she concluded.

Olasumbo Faseesin, Esq.

Convener, Conscious Conscience Youth Patriots.