The one year of the APC led federal government have been loaded with several excuses and lies in order to shift attention of the citizenry and the world from the loaded containers of promises peddled during the electioneering campaign last year. Suddenly, the set of people that have various solution strategies for every Nigerian’s problem; be it political, economic cases, governance and power to mention now seems wallowing in what could be described as no single approach to the issue of power, unemployment, economy and governance.

 Oludaisi Omokungbe
Oludaisi Omokungbe

The continued peddling of excuses and propaganda will not save the party from the serial failure that have been recorded in the last one year if no approach is being developed and applied to alleviate the gross suffering of the masses.

In the first place, Nigerians did not flush out the PDP because they wanted to listen to serial and unending excuses and propaganda especially from the minister for information, Lai Mohammed. He needs to reduce the tempo and tenacity in which he is promoting falsehood and propaganda in governance. If Nigerians really wanted the unending propaganda and excuses to continue, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP would have been allowed to continue with he called ‘‘transformation agenda’’.

The reactiveness of APC led government is as a result of being focused on past events which they have no authority and power to alter than to give us a new direction. In the last one year, they have resulted on focusing on the weakness of the PDP. The output of this have been a blaming game, accusing attitude and reactive language as if their government has been victimised by the PDP even before being inaugurated. The government that was brought into existence by Nigerians to deplete and destroy the circle of concern that was created by past administrations, instead of destroying the disastrous circle of concern to give the way for the proud creation of circle of influence, they have succeeded in expanding and growing the circle of concern just like the past administrations. Where then is the most advertised change?

As a matter of fact, this government of change really need to change and be proactive instead of being reactive. Its reactiveness and lamentation about past governments especially that of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan will take Nigeria nowhere. To be practical, it will not pose Nigeria on the state of being on the move. Unfortunately, we are still having some group of Nigerians celebrating a government that fails to accept responsibility for the current economic stance of the country and still engages in blame game after one year. Nothing is bad celebrating a failing government if they so desire but we supposed to have learnt our hard lessons before now.

The fact remains that they were aware of the situation before taking over the government and they promised they have the profound strategies, capacity, experience and tenacity to change Nigeria’s situation for positive prosperity. If not politics of no focus, why must APC continue to dwell on the past? The proactive solution to any mistake or error committed by the people in government in the past is to instantly correct it and learn from it accordingly. This practically turns a failure into a success. But failure to instantly correct it and learn from it is another grand mistake of a different order and magnitude. This leads to deceiving tactics, cover-ups and rational lies to the citizens. This is exactly what APC has ventured into and the product is very clear on nature and position of the economy of Nigeria. Surprisingly, the government has not even been able to manage what they met on ground. The simple case of this is the issue of power generation, transmission and distribution in Nigeria today. It is not a surprise that the power sector of Nigeria under Mr. Babatunde Fashola is now ably distributing darkness over light. Perhaps, this is not the same Fashola we Nigerians knew before now.

The anti-corruption fight in the last one year by President Mohammadu Buhari has been phenomenal. Those who had diverted the funds meant for the masses must be forced to purge out what they have eaten. Equally, the president must be reminded that the fight must cut-across if really he wants to purge out corruption in Nigeria. Again, the president must be aware that there is critical hunger and suffering in town allegedly forcing Nigerians to demand ‪#‎BringBackCorruption‬. This is not strange! Because a nation is fighting corruption, should all its citizens be allowed to die and perish in hunger, poverty and the state of lack? That we are fighting corruption does not mean we cannot focus on the economy too! What is even the essence of fighting corruption when the masses are collapsing as a result of hunger and poverty? What is even the essence of government in totality? Those demanding #BringBackCorruption have actually weighed the difference between the perceived corrupt government of Goodluck Jonathan and that of MR. INTEGRITY, President Mohammadu Buhari. The difference in the level of hardship, suffering and economic satisfaction is crystal clear. Imagine, a single young man making ten thousand naira in a month during Jonathan’s administration was able to feed himself comfortably. And surprisingly, the same young man who was expecting that during Buhari’s administration, he would probably feed himself well and get some savings from the same income because Buhari promised change, new direction and prosperity but unfortunately, the young man is now unable to feed himself and satisfy his daily needs. How do you expect this type of person not to prefer the corrupt administration of Jonathan than the integrity jamboree of President Buhari? This is the real situations of Nigerians today. APC needs to come out stronger, strategic and full of focus and direction than this current peddling of falsehood, excuses and propaganda. Fighting corruption and working for a productive and gallant economy could be pursued concurrently. That is why government and governance is not just one man’s business or affair.

Nigerians must demand accountability for the promises made by APC. We need a paradigm shift from nagging excuses and propaganda to a state of delivery and fulfilment of the various promises made last year. The reality of demanding for accountability must start now and before the end of the second year of this administration. If we fail to follow this approach, we will not be surprised they will soon start talking and making calculations about 2019.

The fall in the price of crude oil per barrel has always been on the top in their list of excuses. Yes, we are aware! They promised diversification and the restructuring of Nigeria leading to true federalism. They must be proactive and stop being reactive to improve and transform the failing economy to put Nigeria on a growing and leading path not on a recessive path.

Oludaisi Omokungbe is the Ondo State Coordinator for the Federalist Movement of Nigeria. He can be reached through his twitter handle: @daisi405 or 08033039876 (Text Message only).