This is to register the Ondo State Government sympathy with the public sector workers in the state over their unpaid salaries.

We are making every effort to ensure that all outstanding salaries are cleared as soon as possible. But the point must be made that allocation from the Federation Account, which all states rely upon to pay workers’ salaries, has drastically gone down.

Today, most states of the federation have devised the means of preserving between five and six months’ allocations to be able to pay month’s salary.

The state government being a people’s government is not folding its arms. We are already discussing with the Federal Government on the need to reimburse the state with the money deducted from states’ funds to offset the Paris Club’s debt.

It is also important that to say that the Federal Government has verified more than N9.5 billion that Ondo State government disbursed on the maintenance of federal facilities within our jurisdiction. If we get funds from these two sources, we would be in a better position to clear the backlog of salaries.

We also want say that this is a trying period not only for the state but for the country and we crave the workers’ understanding to have a rethink because of the implications and consequences of the planned industrial actions on the millions of Ondo people.