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Ugbo Kingdom stakeholders condemn Duro Henry Lene’s act of insubordination

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A strongly worded condemnation has greeted the observed misdemeanor of one Mr. Duro Henry Ogunfeyimi by major stakeholders of Ugbo Kingdom.

In a press statement jointly signed Mr. Adejugba Ogundere, Chairman, Ugboland Central Working Committee, Ajimosun Inspiration, Secretary, Ugbo Central Working Committee and Sam Ewaojane, the Committee’s PRO, Mr. Henry Lene was condemned for defaming the esteemed name and character of Baba Lene and also for destroying the good name of the C&S Zion Church , Nigeria and Overseas.

The statement noted that it was an aberration for Henry Lene or any of Apostle Elisha Lene’s children to kick against the appointment of Prince Adebowale Ebiwano as Baale of Ugbonla Community , noting that Ebiwano’s ” Baaleship” is in line with the custom , tradition and administration in Ugbo Kingdom. Tracing the history of the prerogative authority of Olugbo of Ugbo as the appointing Paramount rule of the entire Ugbo Kingdom, the statement reads : ” the Olugbo of Ugbo is the Landlord to all the Communities in Ugbo land including Ugbonla, meaning he is the Paramount ruler and prescribed authority in Ugbo land.

” In Ugbo Kingdom, there are over 250 Communities and in each of these Communities, there is a Baale who represents the community in leadership affairs at Ode Ugbo and the appointment of the Baale is the prerogative of the Olugbo , who is the first class Oba over Ugbo at any point in time.”

The statement noted further that Ugbo land has over 30 Religious Communities known as Zion Communities and each of these Communities has ( Asoju) Representatives appointed under the discretion and prerogative of Olugbo.

” Against this backdrop , it is considered hypocritical that Apostle Elisha Lene’s children who lobbied to be appointed as Baale in Ugbonla are the ones blackmailing and insulting the Olugbo with an opinion that he cannot appoint ‘Asoju’ at Ugbonla, yet Ugbonla is not different from Ikorigho, Ayetoro , Ajegunle and other Zion Communities in Ugbo Kingdom,” the statement noted in part.

In the statement, the stakeholders observed that Duro Lene Ogunfeyimi committed an aberration for writing a memo to Ajama Commission to be made a traditional ruler ( Oba) in Ugbonla Community as the land was leased in 1948 by Oba Mafimisebi II to the Zionist Community strictly for religious activities . ” In the agreement letter issued to them, they were told not to sell any part of the land as it belongs to Olugbo,” the statement added.

They said the plan of Duro Lene to be a traditional ruler, King/ Oba in Ugbonla was done in connivance with some Apostle Elisha Lene’s children , the dethroned Olugbo and his supporters , especially those who do not belong to the Ojadele ruling house/ family in order to cause crisis in a peaceful kingdom.

The statement also said the claim of Duro Lene that he only served jail terms his father could have served during the former’s missionary outreach overseas for being caught on the allegation of drug trafficking is an embarrassing attempt to drag the great name of Apostle Elisha Lene Ogunfeyimi in the mud, stressing that such puerile attempt to drag a great name in the mud simply to score cheap and baseless recognition is a highly condemnable misdemeanor least expected of the son of a Zionist Church leader.

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