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UACO Press Release for the Political Situation in The Gambia

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Press Release

The United African Community Organization (UACO) The umbrella organization of various. African organizations in.U.S.A. and the Gambian Association of Michigan (GAM) including all the African National Organizations (ANO) wish to extend their sincere congratulations to the newly inaugurated President of The Gambia, His Excellency, Adama Barrow and the entire Gambian population. The peaceful solution to the political impasse since early December, is a monumental achievement for the Gambia and the regional body, ECOWAS. Now, the earnest role of nation building begins and we, in UACO and the ANO encourage and admonish all Gambians to engage and become a part of this great and august task. This is in line with the peaceful demonstration organized by UACO and the Gambia Association of Michigan on December 30, 2016 asking former President Jammeh to peacefully hand over power to then president elect, Adama Barrow. This demonstration was attended by more than 500 Participants across. United. States ,large section of the membership of UACO and the citizens of Detroit who showed up in solidarity with the Gambians.
UACO is calling on, especially, the Gambians in the Diaspora to become involved and immersed in the nation building by providing expertise and other forms of assistance to the newly elected government under the presidency and command of Mr. Adama Barrow. On this accord, UACO and ANO pledge their support to the government of His Excellency Adama Barrow in areas that are within UACO’s scope of operation. UACO’s sphere of operation includes education, health, immigration, cultural and economic affairs of our community in the great State of Michigan.
Beside the sphere of operation of UACO, the composition of its membership, allows for a pantheon of professional expertise: medical doctors, administrators, accountants, health care professionals, auto mechanics, educators and many more. We are at the service of our communities and are readily available when called upon and we wish to officially extend our services and expertise to the newly elected government and the entire Gambian people.
UACO is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in Detroit and, it is the umbrella organization for all the African National Organizations, including some American and Caribbean members as well. Michigan and on behalf of the President, Mr. Banny Doumbia (from Ivory Coast), the Executive Director, Dr. Salewa Olafioye (from Nigeria), Chairman, Mr. Samba Johm (from Gambia) and the entire membership of UACO and its Executive Body including all the African National Organizations, wish all the Gambians a very bright future in this new era of hope and opportunity.
Member countries include: Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Benin, The Gambia, Sierra Leone, Niger, Malawi, Egypt, Tanzania, Kenya, Central Africa, Uganda, South Africa, Cameroun, Togo,United.States ,Caribbean,Guinea, Mali among others.
Samba Johm. Chairman
Dr. Salewa. Olafioye. Executive. Director
Banny Doumbia President
Emmanuel. Addo. Vice. President
Moses. Lukwago. Sec,General
Jerome Shou Treasuret

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