So many would have thought the assumption of office by the People’s Governor Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu would be created by a vague imputation of support and fulcrum until we were saluted by the emergence of a darling approach which has been appraised far and near as just the most sought-after gift the almighty granted to the Ondo state populace.

The darling approach was conceived after the Ondo state electorates trooped out enmassed to exercise their franchise November 26th,2016 to elect for her turf Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu as governor. Arakunrin, resumed and approached the state house with an exceptional young and vibrant first lady whose heart can be said to be goldly defined and diamond exemplified.

From being an agropreneur to our mother Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu has developed initiatives that would spur the growing young woman into becoming all she envisages for herself and built an impeccable cum rare goldmine where men found landmines.

Mama, is a good listener who comes to the table with some preset notion of trust and an open mind; very well inquisitive and establishes a fine room for the best solutions.

Mama, has built all her achievements on largely inspiring initiatives with an unusual diligent application that, incorporates everything from what is called ideas to running societal exploits.

Our dear Arabinrin, is not an overnight sensation, as she achieved success the preached old celebrated way and not the contemporary materialistic way as she has built her home like the biblical Sarah who understood the place of dedication, perseverance and love but also as our present day Deborah fighting across boarders, nations wars to establish a better name for our dear sunshine state.

Those who observe keenly, would agree that the doors of many locals, communities, states and countries in diaspora has been visited and knocked by her crusade on the fight against breast cancer. Yes! The pet project of BRECAN which is aimed at rousing women’s awareness about the reality of breast cancer, its challenge and the fact that Breast cancer is not a death song on its victim as there are medical solution and alternatives to the disease.

Also, it would interest you to note that she has created an open space for many people-oriented programs such as FOWOSO; an initiative that is empowering women through skill acquisition and giving out of empowerment materials. BEMORE; a summer boot camp which trains young girls in solar energy, ICT and other life changing skills. The Accelerated Birth Registration (Olori Connection); through which children born in Ondo State, especially in rural areas access birth registration. SOLAYO; a complete maternity delivery kit, made available, free of charge, to needy expectant mothers in Ondo State all which are aimed to continuously provided succour and smiles on the lips of the many residents of the state.

Indeed, there is no need disputing the pluck and prescience of Arabinrin because as the office of the first lady is concerned the beautiful Ondo mother has since assumption of office turned nothing down except the many fornicators and rapers of our collective goodwill.