Gentlemen of the press I greet you and wish you well in your endeavours at making selfless contributions to the advancement and prosperity of our dear state and country at this critical time of our nationhood. I have always believed that we have no other country to call our own except Nigeria and therefore no efforts can be too much to sacrifice for the unity and development of this land of our birth.

This belief which is in tandem with the underlying mission of our great party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) coupled with the unwavering determination of our dear President Muhammadu Buhari, has kept me hoping for the best for Nigeria.

Gentlemen of the Press, my teaming supporters and I in all the 18 Local Government Areas of Ondo State, which include, top-class Politicians, Professionals, Public and Private Sector Activists, Market Men and Women, Artisans, Farmers, Youths, Non-indigenes resident in Ondo State are here today, though represented by a few of them, to present to you our resolutions after due consultations with critical stakeholders on the state of our dear party, the APC in Ondo State ahead of the governorship election coming up on 26th November, 2016.

Gentlemen of this noble profession, you are all aware of the issues that have snowballed into the present state of APC in Ondo State. It is therefore not necessary to tell the stories all over again. However permit me say that some of the issues as presented by some members of our party are regrettably disappointing. They have engaged in making claims and counter-claims which have greatly factionalized the party thereby affecting the public perception of APC in Ondo State as if electoral processes in advanced democracies are perfect. Reflecting deeply on recent happenings within our party, we will see glaringly the extent to which we have embarrassed ourselves and equally brought our national leaders into ridicule as a result of our actions and utterances in pursuance of personal ambitions.  Nevertheless, my supporters and I do not want to scratch the healing wounds here so as not to make them fresh again.

Gentlemen of the Press, my supporters and I strongly believe that there hadn’t been any better time than now for APC in Ondo State to harness its political strength, shift grounds to accommodate the differences of others for the purpose of giving to the good people of this state a government that they can really trust and call theirs and which will ultimately bring the change everyone has been yearning for. Therefore the Ondo State Chapter of our party has had more than enough of internal bickering. The crises, we believe should no longer be allowed to fester if we are truly progressive-minded politicians. Now is the time to sink our differences and move forward as a united family to win in the November 2016 governorship election for our party by supporting the candidature of Barrister Oluwarotimi Akeredolu by all true democrats.

Though some party members might have been aggrieved by the process that led to the emergence of Barrister Oluwarotimi Akeredolu but we don’t have any more time for internal wrangling. What is therefore reasonable to do is to move on so that posterity will not judge us harshly for sacrificing the good of our people on the altar of personal aspirations.   In the light of the foregoing, we passionately plead with all Aspirants in the Governorship Primary Election, all leaders and members of APC in Ondo State to embrace peace and let us collectively work for the success of our candidate.

The danger of not halting immediately all attitudes detrimental to the victory of APC in the November 2016 governorship election in Ondo State to say the least will be very dangerous to the wellbeing of our people and members of the party. While my supporters and I appeal for calm and are ready to work with Barrister Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, we want to wholeheartedly plead with our leaders at the National level and more importantly our dear Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and all other concerned citizens to candidly bear with us and our idiosyncrasies in Ondo State

To the good people of Ondo State, we unreservedly appreciate your concerns and support for APC and as such we apologize for toying with your emotions. We promise that such will not happen again. In fact the dividends that will soon be realized by our people in the state as a result of our party being at the national level is central to our passion to wrestle power at the November governorship election from the current occupant of the governorship seat who is vehemently bent on forcing down our throats the bitter pills of his third term agenda.

Ondo State cannot afford to extend by a minute the current callous, reckless and do nothing present administration in the state. We must collectively terminate the inhuman and pretentious reign of the current government which had enslaved our people for the past eight years.

Now is the time for APC members to rally support for Barrister Oluwarotimi Akeredolu to put our party which controls government at the federal level in government in Ondo State. We cannot afford to be in opposition to the government of President Muhammadu Buhari for the sake of one man who had for eight years worked for himself and cared for his heart alone.

I can vouch for Barrister Akeredolu that he will be responsive to our yearnings and aspirations. He will put the interest of Ondo State people at heart.  He will not foist any personal agenda on us. In fact we will not leave him to do any bidding besides the collective interests of our state. Our Royal Fathers, community and opinion leaders will be integrated into the running of affairs of our dear state.

Gentlemen of the Press, once again, I thank you.


God bless APC,

God bless Ondo State,

God bless Nigeria.