Swap Africa Debt with climate change pains from USA, India, UK and China

•Senator Jimoh Ibrahim Tells World Bank/IMF at Global Parliamentary forum in Marrakech

A Senator from Nigeria at the Global Parliamentary forum of the World Bank/IMF has suggested to the World Bank that African debt, particularly Nigeria, be swapped for the pains of climate change coming from the USA, UK, CHINA AND India. Ibrahim said there is a need to get to the data and determine the number of pains to Nigeria arising from generating electricity and heat by burning fossil fuels, which causes a large chunk of global emissions. Senator ibrahim explained the amount of carbon dioxide. Pollution (CO2) by those countries causes much pain that has climate effect, and the Cabon polluter must be ready to pay for it, and we can easily exchange African debt for the Cabon Pollution. Senator Ibrahim accused the USA, UK, CHINA AND INDIA as key polluters who must pay for Nigeria’s Debt in return.
Senator Ibrahim made this contribution on the Global Parliamentary floor of the World Bank, presided over by the IMF Deputy Managing Director at the ongoing meeting of the global financial institutions in Morocco. Ibrahim explained that the debt ratio to GDP is 235%, and Africa is servicing its debt with over 50 billion dollars annually.

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