Ondo State Governor, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu,SAN, has called for the need to have strong institutions in the country, as a way of guaranteeing peace in the society.

Akeredolu who noted that Strong institutions are the basis for real development, added that these institutions should be beyond the whims and caprices of individuals.

Governor Akeredolu spoke at the Biennial International Conference of the Center For Peace and Strategic Studies (CPSS) Faculty of Arts, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara State Capital where he delivered the keynote address with the theme “Domesticating Sustainable Development Goal 16 In Nigeria; Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions”.

He said the basic law of the land, the Constitution, and relevant subsidiary legislations must be the instruments which determine the life and functions of any institution created to take care of the welfare of the people.

While maintaining that no society can achieve meaningful progress without peace, Governor Akeredolu added that there can be no real peace in an unjust ambience.

He said:”The absence of strong institutions with the mandates to train, prevent, correct and maintain proprietary decorum in a society depicts the level of development in such a geo-political space.

”Elected or appointed representatives of the people should work within structures of the institutions of state for optimal performance. Accountability is only possible where these institutions don’t just exist in name. Public officials must be held accountable for all their deeds.”

Speaking on the need to respect and build strong institutions and the role of Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary, the Governor said:”The Executive arm of government, in a modern democracy, must act in conformity with the law of the land.

“They must uphold the tenets of the rule of law in all their dealings. There should not be any instance when the interests of these ephemeral office holders should stand against those of the generality of the people .They hold their offices in trust

“A weak legislature is dangerous to the health of the society. In the same vein, a needlessly combative parliament is disruptive. The people’s interests are best served by an assembly of representatives guided by discernible ideologies and manifestos.

“Judges must not dance to the whims and caprices of politicians. They must be above board in all their dealings. A weak judiciary will spell doom for any country.

”A truly democratic government must embrace a multi-party system to avail the people the benefit and liberty of choices. Political parties must present their manifestos to the people based on perceived challenges.

“They must suggest ways to ameliorate the living conditions of the people. Their ideologies must be known to the people.”

Governor Akeredolu emphasised that Nigeria will only be in a position to discuss sustainable development if there is peace, adding that the absence of strong institutions can only perpetuate poverty.

He said every society must strive to develop and sustain its institutions, saying that Strong and charismatic leadership will function, optimally, in a country with strong institutions.