A campaign of calumny, maliciously peddled with relentless vigour, against the person of Mr Kunle Adebayo, the Senior Special Assistant, Research and Documentation, and the Chairman, OSRC/Orange FM, has caught the attention of the Governor of Ondo State, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN.

Some mischievous elements twist facts and disseminate falsehood to mask the dark intentions of their sponsors. The constant attacks on the person of Mr Adebayo has reinforced the confidence of the Government in his diligence, firmness and focus. The recent history and the current state of the two State-owned media organizations, currently under his able supervision, attests, eloquently, to the nature of his intervention.

The people of Ondo state are invited to cast their minds back to the inglorious era of incompetence, gross indiscipline and patent fraud which characterized the operations of these two media organisations. It is impossible for any honest person, who witnessed these deplorable acts of irresponsibility, to be deceived by the orchestrated noises devised to achieve a barely disguised end.

These media outfits were run aground by incompetent elements who harboured a curious sense of entitlement, despite manifest shortcomings. There was virtually no visible legacy of pride other than pervasive decadence. This was the state of affairs when the Governor appointed Mr Kunle Adebayo to oversee the organisations. The success story of the place cannot be written without an enviable mention of the name of this person.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Government of Ondo State will continue to support these media outfits and this outstanding performer to discharge his duties to the people of the State, in the same office, with its active encouragement. It is the most feasible path of decency to tread and we will proceed with courage.

While it is important to reiterate that any staff who merits promotion and support should have nothing to fear, this Government will not fail to sanction, firmly and promptly, any errant interloper deluded to believe in the possibility of employing the instrument of mischief to create disaffection in that establishment.