When I visited you on August 10, 2023 at the Senate Building of the National Assembly Complex, I found out that you were cut for the job. You revealed a lot to me of your plans for the Southern Senatorial District. The plans were real and very doable.

I left your office with a firm belief that the Ondo South got it right in sending you to the Senate. Of all the persons that participated in the phoney just concluded abracadabra APC Governorship Primary Election, you were the first to inform me of your intention. When the heat of the primary was on, I did not pick you as my preferred candidate, but in all the interviews I granted where your name was mentioned, I was full of praises to you because of what I know that you represent.

Distinguished, I can say without equivocation that since 1979 to date that people have represented us in the Upper Chambers, your just one year in that office has created the impression that a man of finny, courage, intellectual sagacity and a square peg in a square is in the saddle.

I followed your campaigns throughout the period. You started earlier than everybody and you sustained the same tempo all through. Kudos to you my brother.

When the “Mega Fraud” of APC Governorship Primary Election took place on the 20th of April, 2024, you were clear in your thoughts that the ” Unrighteous deed” will not rule in Ondo State. You followed all the party’s laid down rules for seeking redress with precision. I followed you.

When your co-aspirants ( for whatever reasons they may have) chickened out from taking the party on in the embarrassing Governorship Primary Election, you stood out and filed the necessary processes in the Federal High Court challenging the neausating primary. I salute your courage.

At every given time in the history of a people, a person like you must always come up to rescue the situation.
I am so ashamed that people I hitherto respected as men of honour have now descended into the abyss, eating crumbs at the altar of the gods of belzebulb.

Distinguished, you remind me of Prophet Micaiah who stood his ground not to follow the 400 false prophets urging King Ahab to go to battle at Ramoth in Gilead. 1kgs.21:1-53. Prophet Micaiah was bullied, called unprinted names by the false prophets, yet the man remained undaunted in speaking the truth.

My beloved brother, you have spoken the truth since this shenanigan began. I encourage you to stay on.

Men of courage are known by the audacity in which they pursue their cause of action. Don’t listen to the side talks by feeble minded people. Be focused as a flint.
On my part, I will be willing to join the team of your lawyers to see the logical conclusion of this matter. My services shall be pro bono. Peradventure, you need me as a witness, I am fully ready.
I encourage you Sir, to be steadfast, unwavering, committed and dogged in the pursuit of this noble cause.

Otunba (Dr) Benson Enikuomehin, FCPA

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