SENATE – Public Hearing •Bitumen Commission Bill •Now I Can See

By: Olumide Olubakinde

The faith that fuels the vision of the bill on the establishment of a Bitumen Commission in the Ondo South and make Nigeria join the $110b global Bitumen market by Distinguished Senator Jimoh Ibrahim, PhD CFR came to public hearing on Thursday 4th July 2024 at the floor of the Senate.

Jimoh Ibrahim, has found out that through this country, Nigeria flows a bitter stream called poverty where majority drink from it’s brooks. And of course he quickly came to understand it and consistently trying to shift the people’s spirit of anger towards the government of Nigeria that has ever lived beneath the promise of her founding vision. Though he has succeeded not to drink from that brook anymore but he is mentoring millions of his followers through his Aseyori methodology and especially the good people of Ondo State to stop drinking from the bitter stream in exchange for a sweet stream he offers called prosperity.

He is of course a practical leader, he is drawing the largest and most enthusiastic crowd in Nigeria’s political history and as such labelled his brand ‘Aseyori’. Like his politics his life is one that the public seems to embrace, his unusual openness, he is a man that bares it all, a transparent leader to the core.

I was fortunate to be among the invitees to the public hearing of his bill on the floor of the Senate and the experience at that fora remains in me, evergreen opening my eyes more on politics. Those who admit there need, are those who will be granted sight and knowledge as demonstrated by our Lord Jesus Christ in response to a sincere faith of a blind man.

Those who are arrogant and presume that they know it all will be hardened by the presence of Jesus instead. Hear the great ful blind man in his excitement after he was healed, ‘Whether he is a sinner I don’t know, one thing I know, that though I was blind, now I can see’.

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Solid Minerals and Chairman of the occasion, Senator Samson Ekong confirmed that Senator Jimoh Ibrahim has attracted the best and largest crowd of eminent Nigerians ever in the history to attend any public hearing of the National Assembly. Jimoh Ibrahim has become one of Nigeria’s foremost nationalist and statesman. He is loved by all in the Senate.

At the reception for his guests at the NICON Luxury Hotel Abuja, our amiable Senator was down to earth. I learned from the indefatigable leader to be humble, to be accommodating, and to be respectful. Senator Jimoh Ibrahim, PhD CFR has come only to add value to life’s, to exchange the bitter stream called poverty for a sweet stream called prosperity; to give unto this generation beauty for ashes, to give oil of joy for mourning, and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness as we were commissioned by Jesus Christ.

What more can I say of this great leader and master but to say ‘Thank you sir’. Great things you have taught us Great things you have done. I am honored and very grateful and ‘Now I Can See’.

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