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Senate continues debate on the economy

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The Senate today continues the debate on the state of the economy. The following suggestions were made by Senators during the debate:

1. Introduction of zonal intervention project to encourage job creation.

2. Reduce the cost of governance through reduction in estacode allowance.

3. Devolution of power/ Restructuring. This will assist States to tap their highest and best potentials rather than a situation in which they visits the centre for handouts every month.

4. Proper marketing of the country.

5.TSA: Must be revisited and redirected. A platform must be created for redistribution of income.

6. Opening of our borders for temporary importation of food to alleviate hunger in the land.

7. Minimum wage must be revisited.

8. Transportation Policy in relation to movement of agricultural goods from the rural areas and farmland to the urban and mass transit should be enacted.

9. Mr. President should present stimulus package before the National Assembly for consideration. Mr. President was also advised to tackle corruption through a means that will not create fear in the heart of investors.

10. The Naira should be allowed to float. This will stabilized the economy and create confidence needed for investment.

Also today at the Chambers of the Senate, five bills passed first readings. The five bills were sponsored by the Senate majority leader, Senator Ali Ndume.

The five bills are Quantity Surveyors (Registration etc )(Amendment ) Act CAP Q1 LFN 2004, 2016 (HB252), Builders (Registration etc) Act and Town Planners (Registration) Amendment Act.

Other bills that also passed first reading are Small and Medium Scale Enterprises Development Agency Act (Amendment) Act CAP C19 LFN 2004, bill 2016 and University of Abuja Act (Amendment) Act CAP U2 LFN 2004, bill 2016.

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