My humble attention has been drawn to a publication or news on the above widely circulated in the Print and social Media in respect of a private visit I was privileged to have with His Excellency Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

Ordinarily the visit being a private one should not have been a subject of the press. In the circumstance, I will like to make clarification on the statement credited to BABA on the two leading political parties in Nigeria. The position of Baba at the private meeting was very sacrosanct that the two leading Political Parties in Ondo State had become weakened as a result of crisis within them since the conduct of their primaries.

The generalization of this statement to the situation in the country in the Media as against its particularization to Ondo State situation is certainly out of context and quite misleading which may have insidiously affected the public comportment and person of our esteemed former President . I personally regret any inconvenience this report may have caused the person and family of Baba.

Ola Amuda

Accord Party Candidate