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Reaching the unreached communities of Owerri

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Ondo First Lady Her Excellency Chief Mrs. Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu Attracts Intervention of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

July 25, 2021.

Basic and critical needs of communities in Africa and other emerging economies include quality and durable infrastructure of accessible roads, portable water supply amongst other needs of healthcare delivery services, education, security, etc.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has over multiple decades invested huge resources on roads construction and maintenance projects. My position on national discourse as to whether the investments have yielded desired results is reserved, to be advanced in future interogation on progress.

Typical of most States in Nigeria, Imo records multiple portions of unaccessible urban and rural roads.

Sadly, criminally minded elements in the society take advantage of the deplorable condition of roads in Imo State to perpetuate heinous crimes against humanity, including armed robbery, banditry and kidnapping, etc.

Recognizing that over 70% of Imo indigenes reside in ancestral local communities here described as underserved and characterized with evidences of deprivation, degredation and depression on account of inadequate or total absence of basic infrastructure reflected through poor healthcare delivery facilities & services, high infant/maternal mortality rate, poor quality of education & human capacity development, unstable economic mobility, low purchasing power and choices observed amongst citizens, put together inform need for synergy by critical stakeholders to mobilize for inclusive and sustainable development and transformation of communities.

A more compelling reason for cooperation and intervention is that Nigeria and Imo State are Agrarian in economic and occupational definition. Implication of the above is that our people, mostly subsistence farmers face untold hardships and losses in efforts to transport produce from the farms to meet demands of major markets and residents of urban centers.

It is on the strength of the foregoing and motivated by aspiration to contribute in improving the living condition of citizens that Her Excellency, Chief Mrs. Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu First Lady of Ondo State, a worthy daughter of Imo State deploys her enormous goodwill to attract the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) to intervene in the construction of the Eziobodo-Emeabiam road which has remained unaccessible from time immemorial.

The road in focus is so deplorable that it presents sufficient conditions for nightmare experience during raining seasons when vehicles are trapped in muds and flood water.

Eziobodo and Emeabiam being communities located in Owerri West Local Government Area of IMO State are reputed for high demography particularly Emeabiam which plays host to campaign trains of politicians visiting to solicit support and votes during electioneering campaigns with the attendant unfulfilled promises to build the only road which connects Emeabiam to Ihiagwa and other parts of the State.

It may be worthy of note that the construction is designed to commence from Ihiagwa-Emeabiam intersection. The beauty of this intervention project is that the people of Okolochi which is another major community in that axis would hieve a sigh of relieve given that a better alternative to access Ihiagwa through Eziobodo route will be provided as a delight. What the above narration entails is that three major communities of Eziobodo, Emeabiam and Okolochi are set to roll out the drums and sing the Hellelujah Chorus upon completion of the road construction project.

Expectedly, there is outpour of encomiums and accolades on the Ondo First Lady as she serves in a dual capacity of Chief Host/Special Guest of Honour at the flag-off ceremony of the milestone accomplishment she has attracted for the construction of 18KM Eziobodo-Emeabiam road by the NDDC, on July 25, 2021.

Owerri people embrace development in all spheres of human existence and thus; register overwhelming welcome to the Niger Delta Development Commission as it deploys human and material resources to commence construction work in Ancient Owerri communities known for rich cultural heritage in hospitality of food and music, etc.

We salute the exceptional courage and kind heartedness of a worthy Ambassador in the person of Her Excellency, Chief Mrs Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu First Lady of Ondo State popularly known as Igolo, Ada-Emeabiam II, amongst other existing and upcoming prestigious traditional chieftaincy titles.

With a twenty one (21) gun salute, we herald and honour our own; Mrs. Akeredolu who periodically unveils strategic programmes designed to transform communities and uplift lives of people in her home State of IMO.

Nde Owerri na ekele gi, nakwa ashi gi ndewooo. Imenaooo, uwa riboola gi mma nga ori aha n’aha Jisos Christ. Amin.

Pst. Iyke Onuoha
MSc, BSc, MNIM, Acips-UK
Public Affairs Analyst

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