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Rare verdict of history favours Omogbehin

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By Ojo Dolire

Several events culminate into history. A peek into the period of posterity shows that the form or verdict of the histories can be assumed with the present state of activities. Therefore the judgement of posterity can be (pre)determined from the present development. Having intelligently submit that the verdict of history is a subject of today’s activities. Will the judgement be pertinent or impertinent; favourable or unfavourable?

With a modicum of common sense and capacity to reasonably forecast the future, wherefore, the verdict of history on Hon. Mike Omogbehin, representing Okitipupa/Irele Federal Constituency, can be established through his recent 2017 Empowerment Scheme held forte in the right conscience of humanity on the day of the occasion of Easter Monday, April 17, 2017.

The disbursement of scholarship grant to two hundred and thirty students place him above board; my encounter and discussion with some of the students attributively affirmed my assertion. This encouragement would help in no small measures, leveraging the process of formation of organized knowledge called education. And, reference would be made to it till history ends. This uncommon degree of gesture suggested two things: liberalism; and the sincere will to investment in human capital development. In course of my discussion with the bar raiser, Hon. Omogbehin, in specific terms proved the dual assertion as he puts to fore, “Ojo, I’m a project manager by training. I know what developments entails. We must enhance our capital development even with the meagre constituency allowance. That’s the only way we can grow our nation by adding value to infrastructures and institutions.” Earlier on, the 2016 version of M.A.N Omgbehin Empowerment Scheme also gave scholarship grant to two hundred and thirty students. All these amount blows loud-a-horn in this period of economic recession. Therefore, history would settle not on ill-wills; rather in favour of your name, plausibly.

Even when Hon. Omogbehin pleaded it not mention, I whistle blow it then, that, ‘He had thus far facilitated over fourteen employments for the good people of his constituents into both federal and private establishments.’ The thanksgiving service held in RCCG, El-Shaidai Parish to honour God, and Hon. Omogbehin by one Akintunde, stimulated the whistle blowing, which I think it is still moderate for historical records. Mr. Akintunde happens to be the latest in series of the spree of employment gesture of Omogbehin.

Making part of the 2017 Empowerment Scheme were; distribution of twelve hand-held vehicle scanning machines to our ‘mechanics’, twelve pepper-grinding machines to our women, distribution of twelve generators. And, twelve set of spanners and gauging instruments for mechanics and vulcanizers were also distributed.

…for health is the second blessing that we mortals are capable of; a blessing that money cannot buy, said by, Sir Robert Walpole (1676-1745). The donation of the a two mobile clinic, each for the local governments, delivered to the rural health department of the council is by no means a too substantive support to aid the delivery of qualitative health services. This will inconceivably reduce cost, and influence the ease of access to quick medical care.

The true liberal humanist left none to doubt about what history would say with the commissioned Idepe High School Library, and the ongoing construction of the Jowori High School Library, to be commissioned in the month of June. In similitude, simultaneous construction of two (2) civic centres in his federal constituents of Okitipua and Irele Local Governments are also ongoing. Of interest, Igbotako and Ode-Irele haven the civic centres which are set for commissioning in July 2017. It is legendary of a federal legislator who facilitated monumental projects to his constituency.

The barometers of measuring performances—economically and socially; education, health, human capital and capacity developments have conveniently scored the honourable high and favourably registered the name of Hon. Omogbehin for history. No doubt, history cannot reflect otherwise. It favours him now-to-on. Unarguably, the rare verdict of history favours Hon. Omogbehin. And, in his words, “We cannot reach everywhere but we will try as much as possible to spread our projects. God bless our land.” God bless you too, sir.

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