After the recent earthquake in Ecuador the prophet. t.b. Joshua and the partners of Emmanuel tv brought their help by chartering a cargo plane carrying 20 tons of materials emergency aid to the disaster areas affected by this devastating earthquake. In addition to the provision of immediate emergency aid, reconstruction of a school and other buildings are in progress. An organization of rescue and relief of Israel recognized by the United Nations, zaka, was aware of this and many other acts of charities performed by the Prophet T.B. Joshua and the team of Emmanuel TV.

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The President of zaka, Rabbi Yehuda Meshi Zahav came to the scoan last week and rode Prophet T.B. Joshua in Israel in order to congratulate him for his efforts and for the invite to collaborate with them to advance the work of God in the nation Israel.
During his visit, the Prophet T.B. Joshua held meetings with a number of government officials, including the mayor of Bethlehem – Ms. Vera Baboun, Mr. Ayoob Kara – the Deputy Minister of regional cooperation in the government of Israel and his team, ambassador ran ichay – deputy director of the office of the Prime Minister Netanyahu and m. Rafi Eitan – former intelligence officer of the Mossad, which hosted the prophet in his house.
After his visit to Israel, the Prophet T.B. Joshua stopped in Greece where he visited the biblical sites, including the city of Philippi, where Paul and Silas were imprisoned and released after sang the praise be to God while in chains . He took a few moments to pray for the viewers by being in this holy place. Indeed, for those whose life is centered on Christ the best is still to come.