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Press Statement: Kuku cannot be blackmailed to queue behind any factional candidate

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But for the purposes of putting the records straight, we would not have responded to media report credited to a faceless group that calls itself Sunshine Youth forum within the PDP. The truth is that, one should not have dignified the said group with a response because, the group does not exist and the supposed signatory is not a name that is known. So why must anybody respond to a ghost group with a fake signatory.

Kingsley Kuku

Kingsley Kuku

The earlier statement by Hon. Kingsley Kuku about his stand on the crisis rocking Ondo PDP was simplistic and self explanatory. Only ghosts and mischief makers could have interpreted it the way they did. We therefore want to make further clarifications for the benefit of the public who might be misled by this kind of hatchet men.

In the first place, when Kuku set out to aspire to become the Governor of Ondo State, it was not an effort to bargain for any lesser position. The best hands were assembled in the State from media team to grassroots politicians across the land. Hired and fully furnished a Campaign Office, when other aspirants were doing only facebook awareness. There was cold and fever all over Ondo State when Kuku’s posters flooded the streets and crannies of the state, December last year. We never at any time said we were settling for anything less. Those saying he bargained with anybody are being economical with the truth. Whereas, it is true that many politicians from APC and PDP, non- politicians, professionals, men and women from Ondo State visited him in the United States, to now ascribe such visits to reasons of teaming up with opposition party, have no substance and hollow.
In October 2014, when Dr. Olusegun Mimiko joined the PDP, because of this same philosophy of maintaining one strong PDP family, he lost valuable and long time friends to the opposition. Others said, he compromised too many things and conceeded too much to the Governor. But in spite of all the abuses and insults he stood firm by the party and in collaboration with other leaders delivered overwhelmingly for the PDP in the Southern Senatorial District 100%.

We wish to stress again for the umpteenth time that Kuku does not belong to factions. If the stakeholders and associates who have worked together with Kuku on his governorship bid for one year hold an opinion different from his and use the facility jointly owned by them, he should get the police to throw them out to please some gods? That is not the way Kuku plays his politics. Have they looked at the Makarfi camp to confirm how many prominent politicians who are key members of the Kuku team? Is it the case of myopia or mischief?

Hon. Kingsley Kuku has always been a party man through and through. In 2012 when Chief Olusola Oke was unanimously fielded for the Ondo Governorship election, Kuku worked assiduously and conscientiously for the victory of the party. He did that for the love of the party. Even in 2011, when Dr. Olusegun Agagu the patriarch of PDP was fielded for Ondo South Senatorial seat, Kuku stood like the rock of Gibraltar for Dr Agagu and the party. This he did despite the seemingly frosty relationship he had with the late leader when he was a member of the Ondo State House of Assembly where he was detained and charged to court on framed up charges. He has always supported other persons to pursue their political aspirations. Even as recently as last year, Kuku actively supported the party and all its candidates in the general elections. He himself was not personally contesting any election. How can sensible persons now say, Kuku is a selfish individual. That, Kuku supported Mimiko in 2007 was not hidden. He openly did so. This was based on principle and the fact that the system was not fair to Dr. Mimiko at that time. Kuku is not known to ever display traits or character of disloyalty or backstabbing his benefactors. Those who do not know can go and check.
Finally, let me use this medium to strongly warn those beating the drum of war in Ondo State. Kuku has been in the United States of America going through the final stages of his physical physiotherapy. Nobody, no matter highly placed should use surrogates or under hand tactics to draw him into an arena of any political battle. Let it be known to all that, before the election, Kuku will be physically on ground in Ondo State to support the party like he has always done. Those who wish to create bad blood or dent his image should not forget in a hurry how we miserably lost the March 28, 2015 elections to a party that was gasping for breathe in Ondo State then. Nobody can blackmail Kuku to supporting their prefered candidate through sponsored media propaganda.
For all intent and purposes, Kuku stands for a united and strong PDP in Ondo State capable of retaining seat of government in Alagbaka beyond February 2017.
God Bless PDP,
God Bless Ondo State,
God Bless Nigeria.
Kennedy Ikantu Peretei
For Kuku Support Group.

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