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Presidential Aide Appeal to Students on Campuses

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The Special Assistant to the President on Youth and Students Affairs, Nasir Adhama has appealed to Nigerian Students to keep calm and cooperate with authorities in addressing their grievances.

The call was made following student unrest at the University of Ibadan (UI) which led to the closure of the institution by its management.

The presidential aide appealed for calm and understanding of all stakeholders as government looks into the issue with a view to halting the trend that is taking a trajectory capable of disrupting the institution’s academic calendar.

‘’Just few weeks ago we had to immediately react to the ugly incident in four of our universities. This situation is disturbing and government would continue to meaningfully engage relevant stakeholders in the education sector to evolve proactive measures of avoiding and dealing with situations like this.

From reports, we learnt that the some UI students protested against the rustication of their colleague who took part in an earlier protest over the inadequate supply of water and electricity to the campus, which they regarded as too harsh.

‘’We use this medium to urge any aggrieved Nigerian student or group of students to avail themselves of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and eschew violence as a means of seeking redress.

‘’We also want to discourage students from destroying institution’s facilities that are meant for them to have a comfortable learning environment.

‘’For Nigeria to achieve its development goals, we need a citizenry that is of good conduct and orderliness while we go about our daily activities. The Buhari administration would continue to maintain this standard and expect all and sundry to follow the good example.

‘’We also wish to urge all Student Union leaders to maintain the peace and plead with their fellow students to remain calm while we urgently undertake an assessment of the remote and immediate causes of the crises.

‘’It is highly imperative to urge our students to conduct themselves in a manner that will enhance innovations, competitiveness and excellence.

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