Press Release:

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ondo State has appealed to the people of the State to troop out in their numbers to participate in Saturday’s local government election.

Reacting to a call by the Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Omo’ba Abayomi Adesanya that the people of the State should shun the election, the PDP said no sane individual or political party would discourage the electorate from participating in an election that is for their utmost good.

Speaking through its Publicity Secretary, Mr. Banji Okunomo, the PDP said the APC is only rambling because it is aware of its colossal failure.

He noted that the decision of the APC not to participate in the State’s LG polls was not popular amongst even its own members of in the first place.

His words: “The Publicity Secretary of the APC has goofed again. Instead of the APC to keep quiet over its fatal mistake to shun the local government election coming up on Saturday, it has continued to ramble.

“It is not a hidden fact that many members of the APC are pitched against the leadership of their party for taking such an unprofessional and undemocratic decision of boycotting the local government polls”.

He noted that the APC Publicity Secretary’s utterances are misguided saying the intention of the party is to deceive the people of the State as they have always done.

According to the PDP Publicity Secretary, all attempts by the APC to stop the conduct of the LG polls have failed and as such the APC is left with no other choice than to discourage the people from exercising their franchise.

“The attitude of the APC towards the local government polls is defeatist and highly uncalled for. It is unfortunate that the statement credited to the APC Publicity Secretary is another in the series of his misguided statements.

“This has continued to tell on the corporate existence of the party as the electorate now have the impression that the APC is not serious minded”, he said.

He noted that the inability of the State government to pay workers salary is a fall out of the APC’s misrule at the centre.

He posited that rather than for the people to enjoy the change for good which was promised by the APC government, Nigerians have continued to groan in pain and agony.

He dispelled the claims by the APC chieftain that the State government intends to waste taxpayers’ money to conduct the local government election stating that the election is a very important one in order to achieve a balance in democratic governance.

Speaking further, Okunomo observed that there is no attempt by the State government to divert workers’ salary into the conduct of the election noting that the financial implication of the election is already captured in the budget.

“The APC should stop approbating and reprobating. At some point, it accused the State government of not providing the enabling environment for the conduct of LG polls, now, it says government is wasting money by embarking on this long awaited project.

“Where exactly does the APC stand? Apparently, there is a high level of discontentment among the APC in Ondo State.

“The APC should also know that there is a wide disparity between the amount needed to conduct the LG polls and the amount required to pay workers’ salaries”, he said.

He stated that the allegations by the APC that the deployment of security personnel and ad hoc staff for the election is a way of wasting the people’s funds as unintelligible.

“It is an act of ignorance for anyone in the status of Publicity Secretary if a party to undermine the relevance of security agents in the conduct of an election that has all legal backing”, he said.

He noted that the local government election has numerous benefits both within and outside the political class in the State.

He encouraged the people to turn out on Saturday to participate in the polls so that democracy can be further deepened especially at the grassroots.

Calling on the APC Publicity Secretary  to be mindful of the kinds of words attributed to him, the PDP called on the APC led federal government to stop deceiving the people and alleviate the suffering of the Nigerian masses.