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Our Mandate Of Hope; One Year Gone So Far So Good By Kolade Akinjo

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One year ago today, the beautiful collective dream of the people of Ilaje/Ese Odo Federal Constituency set out on its journey to fulfillment. Though the task looked onerous and intimidating, given its size and the limited space for expansion and actualization, but together we journeyed in hope, backed with strength, and moved on without blinking our eyelids.

Today, we take stock of this mandate termed Mekunu Koya as it leaps forward, it’s pertinent to reveal to us all, that our feedback mechanism has remained, and shall continue to remain on course.
Today is another day of our reflection on how we resolved, how we reasoned, how we toiled, how we stood the sun, how we belaboured to re-invigorate our vanishing hope, and gladly we’ve been able to prove that hope is still alive, and it’s still possible to achieve more.

To the good people of Ilaje/Ese Odo, I wish to say that in this one year, it’s to the glory of God, that we are still one, as before. This unity of purpose, having been our strength, brought us this far. Whatever we have achieved today, the strength is our resolve to “koya” by all legitimate means.

kolade Akinjo

kolade Akinjo

We have oiled the engine of progress, to lessen the friction of the morrow, and we shall continue to grease and power the elbows of all whose determination is prosperous Ilaje/ Ese Odo.

In this one year, it’s on record that despite our past neglect, we have been able to match motion for motion, Bill for Bill, contribution for contribution etc, with all federal constituencies if not better than many.

Doing the work committed into my hands as your ears and eyes in the House of Representatives, I feel proud to tell you that, in the one year, issues were raised concerning plight of Ondo South people, especially Ilaje/ Ese Odo constituents, the Ayetoro seashore, etc among others.
During this one year, we have been able to achieve these little listed below.
1. Motion for the Federal Government to intervene in the unwarranted total disconnection of the Ondo South by the Benin Electricity Distribution Company, BEDC;
2. Motion for investigation of the abandoned NDDC’s Agadagba-Obon Arogbo Bridge by Piccolo-Brunelli Engineering Ltd;
3. Motion on investigation of NDDC’s non-monitoring of implementation of Ayetoro Shoreline Protection contracts to Gallet Nigeria Limited and Dredging Atlantic Limited;
4. Motion for Condemnation and for Candid Condolences and Call For Action for Nyanya and Kuje bombings victims;
5. Motion on petition against Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency, PPPRA for illegal disengagement of Oyekanmi Isaac and four others;
6. Motion for need to provide foreign exchange at official rate for those studying abroad;
7. Bill for amendment of National Television Authority Act. NTA, for migration to digital broadcast;
8. Bill to Repeal Loans Act;
9. Bill for amendment of Electoral Act to accommodate electronic voting machine;
10. Bill for amendment of TETFund Act to include colleges of Agriculture and research institutes;
11. Bill for amendment of National Population Commission Act;
12. Empowerment for our women throughout the wards; and
13. Vocational training for our youths throughout the wards;
We are glad to state with courage that our activities have not been limited to talks and book works alone. We are mindful of the word of God in James Chapter 2 vs 14- 19. We have, in demonstration of our faith, within the limit of scarce resources, made appreciable attempts at touching lives of our people through provision of empowerment items to those who needed it.

We are pleased to announce the successful engagement in the following empowerment programmes under the Mekunu koya programme
1. Procurement of 116 motorcycles which were distributed to our constituents to ease movement of goods and services,and for agricultural purposes;
2. 27 grinding machines distributed to our women for economic empowerment ;
3. 20 vulcanising machines distributed to our artisans to establish and complement their vocation ;
4. 121 bags of fertilizer distributed to our farming constituents to enhance their farm produce yields;
5. 126 bundle of fishing net to our fishermen to raise and augment or boost their fishing business;
6. Certification and N25,000 vocational establishment fund for 60 trainees;
7. N25,000 empowerment seed for 44 politicians across the constituency
8. N700,000 worth of vehicle batteries and tyres distributed to members of NURTW and RTEAN, Ilaje and Ese Odo chapters;
9. N250,000 donation to Tailoring Association, Ilaje and Ese Odo chapters;
10. N20,000 empowerment fund for eleven (11) physically challenged constituents;
11. N15,000 support fund for 24 market women;
12. N25,000 faith intervention fund for 14 indigent recipients;
13. N20,000 secondary school best student education endowment fund for 17 students;
14. N25,000 law school education support fund for 35 recipients;
15. Award of Excellence and N30,000 for 3 hard working primary school teachers in the constituency;
16. Posthumous Award and N25,000 for 3 late recipients; and
17. Legislative Recognition Awards and N25,000 for 16 recipients.

I can therefore, confidently say that the past one year of my legislative pursuit, finds solace in the Latin maxim salus populis est suprema les; and appropriately situated within the confines of my Mekunu Koya mantra. No one is left in the doubt that I have brought government closer to my people, and placed premium on them as oxygen of democracy.

But for God and indeed our people, this accountable stewardship might just be a mirage.

With these little but modest achievements, even within this short period, we can confidently say much shall be achieved at the end of our term.

I urge us all, to still remain resolute and in unison, march forward until we are totally out of the woods. We can do more with our collective support as usual.

Thank you

Kolade Akinjo

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