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OPINION: The Principled Delegates, The Emergence of Rotimi Akeredolu, a success for Ondo state

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By Monday Alade

APC have demonstrated its commitments to openness, fairness and its shared determination to rewrite Nigeria’s wrong and rekindle people’s faith in government and give hope to myriad of Nigerians and Ondo State indigenes and none indigenes whose lives and destinies have been ostracized by years of candidate imposition and lack of openness in electioneering process.

Yesterday, the party’s delegates, elected it’s flagbearer for the November, 2016 Ondo State governorship election in a free, fair and transparent referendum. It is a watershed in the history of Ondo State. A radical departure from the old. This is what true democracy is all about. A situation where everyone can have a fair shot in an open free level playing ground where everyone play by the same set of rules.

I sincerely can not thank Ondo State APC and its highly principled delegates enough. They are the heros of Ondo State. They are champions of true democracy. They demonstrated what Ondo State is all about; truth and fairness. In a highly changed atmosphere, they stood their grounds and vote their conscience. They are my hero.

I heartily congratulate Barrister Rotimi Akeredolu on his emergence as APC governorship candidate. I sincerely believe in his abilities and readiness to successfully stir the affairs of our state in the right direction.

We must come together to ensure his success in November. He’s a true voice of the people. He’s not coming to fulfill the will of any godfather but, the will of the people of Ondo State.

Mimiko has demonstrated a culture of failure; a culture of imposing candidate on the people even if the people would have preferred someone else who’s better qualified and well equipped. Since Dr. Olusegun Mimiko political career, he was being imposed on the people and that is why he believed that he can continue with such lawlessness and impunity by using our funds that he embezzled that made him unable to pay workers salaries for over six months till date to forcefully impose Eyitayo Jegede as People’s Democratic Party(PDP ) candidate for November, 2016 governorshipelection in Ondo State.

Eyitayo Jegede is only coming to cover up all the criminality of Dr. Olusegun Mimiko against Ondo State and its people. He’s coming to ensure the recycling of failed politicians who have nothing good to offer us than to continue to steal our collective wealth and continue to perpetrate themselves in Alagbaka and Abuja. We must brake this cycle.

Imposing candidate on the people against their wills have never done us any good in Nigeria and in Ondo State in particular. It has caused us untold suffering and failure. This is an opportunity for us to brake the cycle. We must put an end to it. This is why we must stand by the truth by voting Akeredolu in November as the governor of our beloved state.

Voting Akeredolu in November, implies a full stop to the unholy activities of highly corrupt political armed robbers that presently constitute our Local Government, our State Assembly, Ondo State Representatives in Federal House of Representatives and Ondo State Senators who have kept mute in the face of the heinous crimes that Mimiko has committed against Ondo State and its people since 2007.

Akeredolu will guarantee openess and inclusiveness of all. Then together, we shall move our state forward again.

My beloved people, together we shall make Ondo State strong again.

In Akeredolu, I stand.

Alade Monday

Maryland, United States

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