The House Committee on Information of the 9th Assembly earlier today 16th September 2019 made public various Social Media Platforms where activities of the Legislative Arm of Government will be uploaded for the public to see.

In the words of the Chairman House Committee on Information Hon. Ahlkogun Olugbenga Omole, it is important for the world to see and know what we are doing at a click on their devices.The importance of Social Media cannot be over emphasised. It is a Digital world we live in now and as a responsible and responsive public servants we cannot but be open our Constituents and the General public.

The Platforms apart from disseminating information about the activities of the House it will also serve as an avenue to feel the pulse of the people and getting feedbacks in real time.

The followings are the Social Media Platforms Accounts:

(1) Facebook-Ondo State House of Assembly.

(2) Twitter:@OndoAssembly.

(3) Intagram-@ondostatehouseofassembly.