The PDP leadership in Ondo State should save its energy and scanty resources and stop chasing shadows when the object is very conspicuous and clear. Leadership does not just evolve over night, it takes adequate preparation and optimum tutelage. The fact that the party has a person with the quality and experience of Chief Sola Ebiseni at this critical period of Ondo State’s history, with the dwindling economy and the political schemes of the opposition is a big plus to the PDP being the ruling party in the state. If the leadership truly loves the party and they want a smooth sail,they should stop all the cunning intrigues which are the features of such circumstances. Rather, they should pragmatically hold the bull by the horn and do the needful. The personality,integrity, dignity, intellectual capacity and political sagacity of the political octopus, Olusola Nehemiah Ebiseni can be flaunted in any political contest, particularly, the governorship race.This is not in any way to impute that other contestants are not competent or capable. We are in extraordinary political waters and it is only the extraordinary politicians like Ebiseni that can sail in such waters.

Sola Ebiseni has gotten substantial part of his political tutelage from the Awolowo political school, which genealogical order is well linked with the Iroko Revolution in Ondo State. Sola Ebiseni at this critical period of Ondo State PDP is an ” essential commodity”which should be properly secured, protected and marketed in a peculiar manner.
Governor Mimiko has no doubt, moved Ondo State forward in the past seven years, a feat he was able to achieve due to long political experience.
If God has now prepared a natural succession with a glaringly similar experience pattern, it ìs only wise for us to take maximum advantage of it.
I am hereby appealing to the leadership, Elders, various interest groups, particularly the youth of the PDP to reason and allow the PDP a smooth sail to the Alagbaka Government House by being objective in the consideration of a suitable candidate for our great party.
Without any iota of doubt, God in his love has prepared Sola Ebiseni for this oneorus task.
It is going to be like the succession of Elisha to the prophetic throne of Elijah, if Ebiseni takes the baton from Mimiko.
Let us reason wisely, the important thing now is how best we can navigate the ship of the PDP in Ondo State beyond 2017.
May God Help PDP.