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Ondo PDP Guber: Between two inequities – By Success Torhukerhijo

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Inequity is the virtually inevitable result of two powerful forces: prejudice on the level of the individual, and political imbalance on the social or political level.

In common parlance, inequity and inequality may often be used interchangeably. Let us presume a distinction: the term “inequality” being descriptive and the term “inequity” being normative. So while Inequality here refers to a distribution of some good within, in which some obtain more than others; Inequity goes beyond this, because the distribution is not only unequal; it is unfair and unjust.

Recent political maneuvers and happenstance in Ondo state PDP have foisted two clear inequities on many political gladiators and spectators in the state.

It is no news that the PDP today is factionalized with a faction led by Ali Modu Sheriff and the other led by senator Ahmed Makarfi. This factionalization is also reflected at the Ondo state chapter of the PDP. While the Modu Sheriff faction is led by Biyi Poroye in Ondo state, the Ahmed Markarfi faction is led Clement Faboyede.

The first political inequity played out when The Markarfi/Faboyede faction of the PDP foisted Eyitato Jegede, SAN as the party’s gubernatorial flag bearer in the state following the endorsement of the later by our leader and governor, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko who rather than allow all aspirants politic on a level playing ground, chose to play an unjust card. Eyitayo Jegede is from Akure in Ondo central senatorial district. The incumbent governor Mimiko is from Ondo, also in ondo central senatorial district. In the political history of ondo state, the central district is very lucky to be the first to produce a governor for a two term eight-year stretch. It therefore becomes preposterous to think that Eyitayo Jegede, from the same central senatorial district should run again for another eight years. This was why some of us who believed in equity and fairness decided to pitch our camp with the Ali Modu Sheriff camp hoping that justice will come our way.

Knowing that the governors tilt and endorsement of Eyitayo Jegede SAN had created a clear imbalance and prejudice against the aspirations of other aspirants and stakeholders in the PDP, politic as Sola Ebiseni and his followers sought a balance under the umbrella and faction of the PDP led by Modu Sheriff/Biyi Poroye. Little did we know another inequity was in the wait.

The disturbing scenario was that the Northern elements who were aspirants under Ali Modu Sheriff namely, Bamiduro Dada, Niran Sule and one woman political neophyte all surrendered to the whims and caprices of Jimoh Ibrahim, thus giving him the opportunity to emerge as the candidate of that faction. The emergence of Jimoh Ibrahim has further aggravated the inequity as political observers know that, of the six local governments in the southern senatorial district, Okitipipa Local government where Jimoh Ibrahim hails from has produced federal minister thrice, the deputy governor twice and the governor once. With these credentials of Okitipupa local government, the inequity which made us to pull out of the Markarfi/Faboyede faction has been further orchestrated.

It will be pretty difficult for me and my followers to go out an sell the candidacy of Jimoh Ibrahim. The Ijaw adage “ijowei ijowei, omini ghan” which literally means the Ijaw is not a slave to his fellow Ijaw man is apt in these circumstances.

It is not healthy for us to part ways with our leader, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko on grounds of lack of fair play only to plunge ourselves into a worst scene of political domination in our area. Faced with two undesirable situations, We the elites must reason properly in charting the way forward

So what is the way forward? We are between the devil and the deep blue sea.

May God help us!

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