“Even now that the nation’s economy is stressed, Ondo state is desirous of a good strategist to manage her economy. Jegede seems to be more serious and sure of this theme than other contestants. His shrewd handling of matters of governance especially economy at forums and in the media assures electorates of his determination to prove some points. He is rapidly becoming a household name here in Ondo state. Having been given repeated chance to be listened to, what has he been saying? He says our economy needs to be brought back alive. This is obviously the most salvaging information that has been distinguishing him from the pack.”
Above gauge is of the person and pursuit of Eyitayo Jegede, the Akure-born legal luminary and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, who delved into politics and gained great impression with a personality that bears luck and luster.
But certain elements are missing in Eyitayo Jegede. Though he was Ondo State’s Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice for over seven years, he got involved in political dealings and discusses, yet he possesses less political traits, those common with political actors. He talks less. He lacks the loquacity that usually adorns political conveyors and conversations. He makes the least promise. He lacks the I-will-do anything –for-you approach of a veteran political singer. He says it how he sees it. He lacks the capacity for coloration, a big skill for tricks in political deeds. He identifies with all, lacking little pomposity, irrespective of social or economic factor. But he’s unusually loved.
The other day, he was warmly received by the Southern electorates, greeted with applause, similar to the dosage he has received consistently at the home front, then he spoke, of his purpose and pursuit. He had categorized them into three and got the audience salivate for it. He betrayed the cheering crowd, telling them the same thing, the same time, in three times. Jegede said his first priority is economy, the second, economy, and the third, economy. Unusual speech. Even with words, he proves the uniqueness that is putatively his; he has done strange paint. Little wonder his popularity soars.
And his resolve to improve the state economy reverberates. The ubiquity of the nation’s economic ailment that beats its fragments hard didn’t spear Ondo state. The people are concerned about panacea; they want a hand that can handle and heal. Since good and a well-managed economy will bring remedies close, his words found good audience. He argues that when the state gets its economy right, the good legacies of the present administration will be preserved, others will be added anew; the state will maintain its facilities and provide more for constituencies. He said investors will be encouraged with clement policies to come do business, up government purse and absorb employable youths. He assures the working population of good welfare once the economy receives healing, and his words seem to be winning minds.
Eyitayo Jegede is the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the November 26 governorship election in Ondo State. He won the love of the party with a stellar personality and performance; he won the thumb of the incumbent governor, the man many have described as enigma for his dexterity and distinctions in political transactions, Rahman Olusegun Mimiko, who completes unprecedented two-term as governor of Ondo State ends by February 2017. He is winning the love of the people too. Despite being a candidate whose name is appearing anew on the state’s political radar, his persona as candidature has arguably sprouted more debate than others. While some say that his scorecard as a former Attorney General is opening doors for him, others believe his magic is a personality that matches credibility with humility. He appears more like a man made for this time.
His party, the Peoples Democratic Party, seems to have decided a good one by choosing a man armed to the teeth with will; by fielding a man who combines integrity with correct cognitive content at a time when it seems to matter more. It makes the electorate’s burden lighter where and when a political platform gives the people a candidate who knows his onions; who knows more, knowing just what the most important challenge of a people is and knows where and when to sooth; whose words weather worries and restores hope.
As the state progresses with its programmes of electioneering, as parties push promises to people and puncture persons with political pontifications, as candidates canvass and convince curious electors, efforts should be made to filter messages and figure out the facts. It is the nature of this season to come with alluring variety, the people live with the benefits of their decision, good or doom.
The concerned citizen, with whose words I opened this piece, concludes thus, “Only discerning minds can see tomorrow from today. The economy that is badly affected needs a saving hand to achieve efficient governance and ensure productivity. Jegede knows where exactly to tackle issues. To that extent that he is the only one talking about what the people like to hear as the solution to our problems. I am convinced that the dude will put up a good show.” Ondo can get it right, one hopes!