Since the news broke that the equipment needed for the exploitation of the large deposit of bitumen in the Southern Senatorial District of Ondo State has arrived, there have been disappointment and anguish in the camp of the detractors of Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN.

Despite the general good the bitumen exploitation will bring to the state, the main grouse of these people is that the dream is coming to reality during the reigns of Akeredolu as the Governor of Ondo State.

In life, luck can only take you to certain heights. How further you go after that depends on several other attributes that you possess, including hard work, dedication and focus.

Unfortunately for the detractors, they lack any understanding, dedication and integrity of how to move their community forward. They have overran their grace, kicked the opportunity that luck thrusts on them and raped their golden opportunities.

And because nothing good can come from them to the people, their whole being is controlled by pessimism and criticism of others. Expectedly, they have begun spreading falsehoods on the social media space, all of which are borne out of bad blood, frustration and defeated expectation.

They have become so dejected that they now speak against everything they once preached. They have buried integrity in the face of hatred.

Recall that on the 8th of November, 2017, the social media was agog with the story of the Federal government’s attention on Ondo bitumen. Just like everyone that loved and believed in the story, Allen Sowore posted the story on his timeline. There have been a number of updates on the progress made on the bitumen exploitation until last week when the equipment needed for the pilot processing came into town.

I have read the piece written by Allen Sowore and instead of the damage job he intended to do, the piece only ended up exposing his ignorance and lack of information. The pilot processing of bitumen, which has already commenced, has the needed equipment for its take-off.

The machine, which are German-made are the latest equipment used for bitumen exploitation. You can google it and see.

Unlike the story Allen told in his piece, the people of ONDO State should henceforth interrogate his intentions and identify the pains in his voice. Truth be told, it is obvious they deserve our pity. The last misadventure of their principal left a huge hole in their pockets and may have led to delusions.

Like it or hate it, the bitumen exploitation will be part of the scorecard of Governor Akeredolu as it has come to stay and it is for the general good of the people of the state, including those yet unborn.

Instead of criticism without fact, he and his cohort should monitor the progress at the processing yard. They should go to Irele and ask if farmers have not gotten their compensation for Economic crops. They should reason if such equipment was brought from Germany for fun? They should go and dig deep about the roles of the Federal Government in bringing these equipment in. They know the truth, but the truth is their pain.

And to his principal, I’ll advise him to take a cue from this age-long quote: ‘Conscience is an open wound, only truth can heal it.’

Olabode Richard Olatunde
Special Assistant to the Governor (New Media).