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Ondo APC in disarray, desperate to regain losses

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PDP Press Release

The post primary condition of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo State is not only laughable but has further portrayed it as a political party that is naïve when it comes to the business of politics and governance.

Ever since the party’s controversial governorship primary election held on September 3, 2016, many crises have been rocking the APC.

These crises are not unconnected with the established fraud which characterised the primary election as affirmed by the party’s Appeal Panel.

Events that unfolded after the APC’s governorship election are obvious manifestation of a party in disarray and one which is doomed to fail in the forthcoming gubernatorial election.

The crises started with various allegations of fraud emanating from aspirants who participated in the primary.

The allegations of fraud were subsequently verified and affirmed by the Appeal Panel of the APC which recommended the cancellation of the fraud fraught primary.

Unfortunately, the unilateral exercise of power by the National Chairman of the APC, who turned down the majority view of the National Working Committee (NWC) which supported the cancellation of the primaries, further spelt doom for the already sinking party.

It is on record, without exaggeration, that aside some of the aspirants who have since vowed to jet out of the APC so as to contest on different other platforms, the PDP has since been receiving a large number of decampees from the APC who also vowed not to be part of the dirty occurrences in the APC.

Many of the defectors have said that rather than overlook what they described as the unacceptable and figure head candidate of the APC, they would choose to go for the PDP candidate, Mr. Eyitayo Jegede (SAN) whose credibility, integrity and acceptability have drawn supporters across major political parties.

Against the backdrop of the avalanche of crises which the APC has been battling with, could it still be said to be true that any sane and reasonable person would lobby to join such a party like the APC which has already been tattered and shattered?

The statement credited to the Publicity Secretary of the APC captured: “Mimiko lobbying to join APC” is one of the most unreasonable and irresponsible thoughts from the impaired portion of the cerebrum of the APC Publicist.

Else, how would such a lie be conjured or concocted against the good name of Governor Mimiko who has toiled much and laboured to project a credible candidate in the coming gubernatorial election.

It will amount to moving from light to darkness for any politician to join the APC at this period of its destruction in Ondo State.

The said news about Governor Mimiko seeking some soft landing in the APC is absolutely untrue and the good people of Ondo State should hereby be informed that it is one of those market square conjectures of idle politicians.

Finally, the PDP in Ondo State urges all party faithfuls, supporters and the entire people of the State to continue to keep faith in Mr. Eyitayo Jegede (SAN) who remains the one and only authentic governorship candidate of the PDP in Ondo State.

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