Press release

The Ondo State governorship primary election of the All Progressives Congress (APC) which held last Saturday lacks credibility.

Aside from the ungodly act and fettish tendencies exhibited to the fullest glare of the public by APC members in the attempt to seal off the party secretariat in the State capital prior to the primary, the ‘Naira rain ‘ involving virtually all the aspirants was also ridiculous and uncalled for.

It was gathered that the aspirants involved in a cash bazaar to induce the delegates at the elections, an act that is unprecedented in the history of party primaries in Ondo state.

It was also reported that many of the delegates were camped in different hotels with heavy financial implications to influence their decisions.

Expectedly, it was widely reported that delegates’ disposition towards any aspirant was largely based on comparative magnitude of the offers from the various aspirants.
Where then does the credibility of the APC primary lie when it displayed this level of corruption, even though it has continously paraded itself as the political party fighting corruption?

This show of shame is unbecoming of a ruling party in the country. In just a day, no less than an estimated 5 billion naira must have been squandered by the aspirants in the journey to accomplishing their inordinate ambitions .

It is the height of indiscipline and avarice in any political party that 25 aspirants would want to clinch a position that is meant for just one person.

If the Buhari government fails to urgently probe the sources of money wasted on the APC primary in Ondo State, it would be difficult for any sane person to countenance the seriousness of the acclaimed fight against corruption by the APC led government.

Whereas the economy of Nigeria is hemorrhaging and many homes have plunged into unexplainable hardship occasioned by poor economic policies of the government in power at the centre, some persons, out of their ill-gotten wealth still believe they must hold the people by their jugular and force themselves to rule the people at all cost, the Lord God Almighty in His infinite mercy will not allow them.

There is no doubt about the fact that the primary would have been a theatre of violence if the governor of Ondo State, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko had not been magnanimous to provide an enclosed, security tight and the most beautiful high capacity Event centre in the country, the Dome, for their (APC) use.

It is ironic that the APC found this world class International Event Centre soothing in spite of the fact that it had severally condemned it as one of the useless and unnecessary projects executed by the present government.

It is, however, good that out of gladness, the APC members swallowed their pride and unnecessary criticisms and used the venue which enhanced the peaceful conduct of their primary.

For all their past vituperative comments against the Dome, the APC members need to, as a matter of urgency, reverse their comments and apologise to the people of Ondo State for spreading pieces of misguided information.

On the naira rain, it is not possible for the electorates to be appropriately guided to make the best decisions in choosing a credible candidate when they have already been bought.

The clash of interests of the different camps of APC godfathers is also a factor that robbed the APC primary election of the credibility it deserves for failing to present a candidate with overwhelming majority votes of the electorates as against having a candidate with less than 25 percent of the electorate votes

The use of fettish powers by aspirants to ventilate their grievances shows clearly that the APC house in Ondo State is demonic and barbaric to the 21st century world standard template of politicking

It also affirms that our good God does not have a hand in the APC ruling Ondo State.

At this juncture, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) wishes to enjoin our people to continue to be courage and hopeful knowing full well that the PDP is committed to providing good governance, quality administration characterised by good conscience and truth and acts not deviated from God, the maker of all.