The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo State is confident that the next governorship election would be a walk over for the party. The indicators are unambiguous.

The party is elated to currently lead a government that is sensitive and responsive to the needs, and overall wellbeing of of the good people of the State. To this end, we harbour no doubts that God is happy with the APC-led government, and the people are appreciative.

Contrary to speculative analyses, some of which are designed to explore underlying motives, the Ondo State chapter of the APC is neither dying nor growing weak.

The State Executive is not factionalised nor disenchanted with a government that has made the party proud, and created an atmosphere of confidence and trust between government and the governed.

The State Working Committee (SWC), for example, is preoccupied with the laudable assignment of ensuring, and sustaining oneness and unity of members without prejudice. The SWC has no regards for camps or groups.

The APC-led government has never slacked in the construction of quality roads, provision of portable water, massive investment in Agriculture, and the health sector, creating industrial hub in the State. All these are being done without compromising on the welfare and morale of the engine-room of government.

It is germane to state emphatically that no serious-mind government, that is determined to make indelible marks, can jettison the above activities for weekly empowerment.

We appreciate the untainted efforts and sacrifices of leaders that are forward-looking on matters of concern to the State chapter.

The party is further banking on the unprecedented goodwill of the people, come next year, to ride on waves of electoral victory, and sustainability of developmental strides.

Alex Kalejaye,
Ondo State Publicity Secretary.