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Olugbo signifies peace at Ode Ugbo in his red attire

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The Paramount ruler and prescribed authority, Olugbo of Ugbo Land, Oba (Dr.) Frederick Akinruntan has described peace as a major plank of development in any human society. Oba Akinruntan made this known at the Ugbo ancestral palace, Ode Ugbo on Saturday, the 25th of April as chiefs and youths of Ode Ugbo gathered at the ancestral palace to celebrate the peace and tranquility the kingdom has enjoyed so far.
In the words of Chief John Ayanfe Gbayisemore , the Aro of Ugboland who spoke with Ondo Events at the palace, ” the significance of Ugbomokun celebration is that the king rarely appears in red attire; any day Olugbo appears in red attire, we know there is peace in the land.

Olugbo of Ugbo

“Everyone who yearns for peace in their respective homes will definitely get abundance of it on such occasion,” Chief Gbayisemore enthused. He said everyone at the ancestral palace is happy and celebrating the peace in the kingdom . Asked about the historical undertone of the celebration, The Aro of Ode -Ugbo said Olugbo celebrates peace in the kingdom from time to time, noting that it is a tradition observed right from the time of their forefathers ‘Orunmakin Obamakin’ .

“This is Ilaje Ugbomokun originating from our forefathers Orunmakin Obamakin. Since we arrived Ode -Ugbo from Ile-Ife, he has been doing this. Occasionally, after observing time, the Olugbo gathers his people at the ancestral palace to thank the deities of the land for sustaining mutual peaceful coexistence which is necessary for growth and development of the kingdom.

“It is from here that the maxim Ilaje people don’t go begging evolved – Oja yi la yoo je is Ilaje (meaning the clan that excelled and became stupendously wealthy is Ilaje),” Chief John Gbayisemore clarified.

The celebration was laced with local chant songs in Ilaje dialect amidst clapping and dancing by the youths and the chiefs.

The Imperial Majesty, Oba (Dr) Frederick Akinruntan who spoke with Ondo Events said there is peace in Ugbo and there will continue to be peace in the land. The royal father said the gods have been evoked to ward off the scourge of coronavirus both in Ugbo kingdom and the entire Ondo state. He enjoined his subjects to maintain the peace and stay away from conflict and mutual distrust.

The Olugbo of Ugbo

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