The All Progressives Congress (APC), Ondo State chapter yesterday said the defection of a former governorship aspirant of its party, Chief Olusola Oke to Alliance for Democracy (AD) will not affect the chances of the party in the November 26, gubernatorial poll.

It said it would rather completely collapsed the already sinking Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) where it is believed that he has chunk of his supporters.

The party, who spoke through its State Publicity Secretary, Omo’ba Abayomi Adesanya said none of his core members defected along with Oke to AD.

APC added that his defection did not take the party by surprise as they generally believed that a Leopard will never change its spot.

It also revealed that the party leadership, particularly those in the south west have never for once trusted Oke’s claim that he is done with the PDP.

It noted that it was one of the reasons why he was moving from one media house to another pledging his loyality to the party and promising not to defect from APC if or he did not get the party ticket.

It stressed that despite Oke’s is wearing the cloth of APC, they still believe that the blood of PDP runs through in his vein.

The party alleged that they were aware from day one when Oke joined APC that he does not love the party but only has a mission to destroy the party and leave .

The party said “that was why Oke was the first aspirant to raise an alarm over the governorship primary election and thereafter arranged his female cook and one his family members to present themselves as fake delegates allegedly used during poll in order to dent the free and fair poll”

The party boasted that APC would defeat Oke at his stronghold which is believe to be southern senatorial district, saying some credible politicians are already waiting for him to leave so that they can come in.

The party alleged that Oke defection to APC shortly after former President Goodluck Jonathan lost during the Presidential election was to cover his many atrocities.

It also alleged that Oke unpleasant character was behind the reason why APC failed to win his local government, Ilaje during the poll.

He added that Oke could not deliver his constituencies during the state Assembly election despite his claim that he is strong in Ilaje.

He empahised that Ondo State people only know Oke a as political harlot who jumps around from one party to another.

“We are relieved that Oke has finally left our great party, we can now sleep with our two eyes closed

“The fear of mole in our party has vanished, we can now hold political discussion without fear of betrayal

“This forthcoming elections will be a contest of integrity versus valueless images, we are sure that the people of Ondo State are watching and they ready to follow the path of integrity

“During our party primary, PDP leaders in the south west were among those who solely sponsored Oke and help camp his delegates

“One of the PDP’s leader who is on the watch of the EFCC gave Oke a huge amount of money to pursue the primaries

“We thank God that our party is finally free from pretenders, those who love their ambitions than the good people of Ondo State

“We are confident that, with the people of Ondo State behind us, victory is a starting point”