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Our attention has been drawn to the unfortunate vituperation in the letter written by the suspended Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Mr Isaacs Kekemeke, to the South West Zonal Executive, entitled, “Complaint of Deployment of Violent and Unconstitutional Means of Taking Over the Ondo State APC Structure by Certain Elements” (sic), wherein he alleged that the Governor of Ondo State, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, was deploying “state machinery to vilify perceived enemies,…”

It is ludicrous to note that he described the process culminating in his suspension as fraudulent.  While we consider it puerile to descend to his level we will not fail to note the deviousness​ he tried to veneer in his said letter.

In as much as we can assert  that the Governor is not connected remotely or otherwise with the present development in respect of the Chairmanship of the Party in Ondo State we posit that no process could have been more legal than the meeting which determined Kekemeke’s queer leadership. It is verifiable that majority of the Executive members attended the meeting where a vote of no confidence was passed on him. The proceeding was said to have been recorded in full. There was nothing secretive about it.  All those who attended the meeting are well known party members. Therefore, the laughable claim by Mr Kekemeke that he had been informed through phantom calls and visits by men and women of his ilk, should be seen as the plaintive cry of a man whose influence has waned as due recompense for non-perfomance.

A true democrat would have resigned as the chairman of any political party, let alone the ruling platform which dislodged powerful political groups without him. His continued stay, after the resounding rejection of his lack luster leadership, depicts him as deluded and withdrawn from reality. He cuts a pitiable picture with this latest assault on logic and decency.

The Governor’s disposition against all indecent acts is well known. Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, is too engaged with serious issues of social engineering to descend into a pigsty with its inhabitants. This government will not be distracted. The governor has moved on since God ordained his victory at the last party primaries and the general election without the support of a disgruntled few.He has been receiving defectors from other parties into the fold of the ruling party and continues to admonish party faithfuls on the need to embrace all. It is shocking that a man reputed for peace will be accused of sponsoring violence.

It is gratifying to note the subtle admission of failure by this strange general without troops. He seems to depend on people outside the party structure in the state for his support. He has recused himself of the burden of leadership which, evidently, surpasses his capacity and his mental capabilities. If a supposed leader of a ruling party does not attend meetings, party functions and appears to be collaborating with antagonistic and extraneous interests, actively, decency demands that he should quit his pretence. True democrats respect the will of the majority. Only deluded potentates think and act otherwise.

 Aketi is content with being the Governor of the good people of Ondo State. This government will NOT be distracted.

 Dr Doyin Odebowale,

 Senior Special Assistant to the Governor,

 Special Duties & Strategy.

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