By Debo Ikuesewo-Akinbami

Broom, beyond the putative utilitarian essence, represent more. The broom, we learned, represents the balance between masculine energies which the handle typifies and feminine energies that the bristles stand for. It is used, symbolically, for protection. It is also used, spiritually, to ward off negative energies ahead of a ritual.

Besides representing specific energy, broom is used for everyday household cleansing. Other opinions say it is even used for continuous spiritual protection, which explains why it is usually hung over the home front, window or threshold to prevent ghostly guests or curses. In this part, broom is a common tool one would likely find in any home, yet its nature is such that it offers critical lessons on life.

Of those impactful lessons the broom offers, unity is of particular profundity.
It is the nature of broomsticks; they are rarely broken when bonded and binded, breakable only in isolation. It is the aggregation of broomsticks that makes its breaking a near impossible task.
Like a bunch of broom, the insignia of All Progressives Congress (APC), the APC, in Ondo, was bent. It did not break.

The party, after wartime, achieved peace. After turbulent interlude, the gubernatorial aspirants, who sought the ticket governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu won, met with him and resolved contentious differences. After long-standing misgivings that almost tear the party to shreds, they did agree to sheath swords and work for the party’s victory.

The meeting with governor Akeredolu and the resultant declaration of support for him made the resplendent new normalcy evident. So that the party would make resounding success in future elections, the leaders agreed to collapse individual structures to reinvent and reunite the party. The outing, beyond the glamour, was an emphatic adoption of the governor for second coming.

Needless to say that the occurrence gave another dumbfounding blow to the oppositions who have hitherto gloated over the party’s fray and wished for implosion, the reunion was a frontal feat to applaud the leaders for. It is an achievement for which Akeredolu should be respected. The governor, by this accomodation, has renewed the faith of party enthusiasts and reinvigorated new commitments in them.

There were times bearded Akeredolu was a neophyte in the faulty fantasy of proud politicians, a belief stubbornly held by certain frivolous fanatics and served in polluted plates to undiscerning lieutenants. Aketi has proved, more by his recent transactions, that he is not the learner his critics call him.

Akeredolu now waves the broom differently. The governor’s hold on the broom looks firmer. With the broom, he now sweeps aside impediments between him and the soul of the party, taking out the cogs in his way to victory. Even his handling of the afters of the recent primary election has done him more marks. Now, his message replenishes and his actions give foreseeable hope for a beautiful dawn underway.

He puts it this way, “Our administration has worked well for the people of this State in the last three and half years, of which we should all be proud. This is not to say that there is no room for improvement. We will do more in our second term both in physical development of the State and in the welfare of our members.

“We assure you that we have learnt a lot in the last few years and the next four years can only be better for our party members and indeed for our people. Like our Party Symbol, the broom, no man can break us in our unity of purpose and resolve to move forward to a more prosperous dispensation.”