The new Commissioner for Environment in Ondo State, Mr Funso Esan has stated government determination and readiness to tap the various mineral deposits available towards making them profitable to the government. Mr. Esan spoke when he paid a working visit to the Department of Mineral Resources, Oil Spill and Community Relations in the Ministry.

This is a new administration with new ideas and good intentions. Nobody should nurse the fear of things remaining stagnant.  The Ministry will move forward by being alive to its responsibilities. The various mineral deposits scattered across the state are quite enormous, virtually everything mineral is here and if fully tapped they can generate a lot of revenue for the state. Now that emphasis is being placed on internally generated revenue, the government will take a deep look into these gifts of nature, explore and tap them for the benefit of our people.

The Commissioner, who was accompanied by the Ministry’s management staff, implored the staff to be alive to their official responsibilities. ‘From what I have seen and heared, this department has been neglected for a long time. However, the music has changed. As from now, the investment here will be made use of. You should be able to do what you are paid to do. I expect your full cooperation in the task of moving this Ministry forward as you know a tree cannot make a forest. When everyone contributes his quota, progress of the Ministry and by extention, the state is guaranteed. Let me know the grey areas where challenges are hindering your capacity to perform so as to tackle them.

Mr. Esan was in the department to get a first hand information about the requirements of the staff and what the department can contribute to the government in return.