By Folashade Oladeinde

The Honourable commissioner for Physical Planning and urban development Prince Solagbade Amodeni has settled a dispute on land located at Adesida family layout, Oyemekun road ( Leo), between the Adesida families and the landlords of the community. He affirmed that “approval of building plan does not translate to ownership of land and the ministry has the right to withdraw any  approval on technical grounds”.  He made this affirmation in his office while addressing representatives of landlords of Leo community and the representatives of the Oba Adesida family that were both involved  in the land disputes.

According to spokesperson from the community, the land in question has been under their keep over a long period of time and they have set it aside to be used as market to serve the community. He said, some workers were noticed developing the land and then they decided to visit the ministry to lodge complaints appropriately. A committee was set up according to him to look into the matter, though the layout could not be produced by the ministry as it’s an old layout  that its plan could not be readily traced.

Speaking on behalf of the Adesida family, the representative said the disputed land is a family layout sold to his brother in 1982, who in turn sold it to Prince Adedayo Adesida before he died. Prince Adedayo Adesida fenced the land as it is the usual practice to prevent encroachment.

He said it was while the property owner was developing the land that the whole crisis started, with the community landlords claiming ownership of the land.

The Development Control and Enforcement Department of the ministry led by the Honourable Commissioner and the two parties involved visited the sight which had earlier been visited by the commissioner. Prince Amodeni there raised his observation that despite the stop work issued and the fence marked, work still continued on the site. To ensure strict compliance with rules, he said the developer will be penalized accordingly for violating government’s regulations. He thereafter, asked the two parties who it was that fenced the land, the Adesida family claimed they erected the fence while the community landlords claimed they laid few blocks and not the whole height of the fence.

The commissioner after listening to both parties and carefully examining all facts presented, he submitted that the community should embrace peace, saying that the issue of market is only an after-thought though it is necessary that the community should have a market. He wondered why they waited till now to put up a fight since the other party has erected the fence over the years, probably this could have been fought and settled even before this administration.

Penalizing the Developer, who at the end is the rightful owner of the land, Prince Amodeni frowned at his refusal to honor the stop work issued previously and even as at the last time of his visit to the site. And he emphasized that the stop-work issued remains binding till all necessary fine is paid to the government’s account.