Let me first of all use this formal medium to express my profound appreciation to these entire people of my senatorial district, Ondo south senatorial district and indeed the leader of our great party, his excellency Dr Rahman Olusegun Mimiko the governor of Ondo state for the opportunity given to me by God through their instrumentality to serve my father land as a distinguished senator of the federal republic of Nigeria. I say thank you.

As a concern party leader on the platform of our great party, the people’s democratic party, I feel that in times like this, when the critical issue of how to retain our control of the machinery of the state is at stake, all major stakeholders, including women, should be carried along. Any agitation for vested interest that may affect those critical political elements to feel neglected should be jettisoned.

The collective faith of our people is to allow and provide to all gubernatorial aspirants a level playing ground to showcase their potentials with due recognition to our co-existence foundation i.e. the historical and conventional bond.
I presuppose full understanding of how and where past governors were chosen from and the years of their tenure on all party leaders and all aspirants. Therefore, I sue for the visitation and full acknowledgement of senatorial components with a view to addressing where the next governor should come from without hitch. Small analysis will suffice here.

Apart from the four years and few months’ tenure of our late veteran politician, Pa Adekunle Ajasin, the three governors produced have come from the three senatorial districts of the state. Namely;
Chief Adebayo Adefarati – Ondo north 1999-2003 (4years)
Dr Olusegun Agagu – Ondo south 2003-2009 (5years+)
Dr Olusegun Rahman Mimiko – Ondo central 200- till date (8 years till handing over day)

Politics is no longer practiced ‘under the garment’, hence the need for the number one party leader, our highly revered governor, to urgently call all major stakeholders to a round table discussion.

There is nothing to share from northing. Like the other senatorial districts, the center is blessed with many brilliant and dependable people. However, for the sake of posterity, the south and the north senatorial districts in the name of justice, fairness and equity, I think, should be more favored.

My preferred senatorial districts are the southern senatorial district. The reason is simple, if you look at the number of years each senatorial district has spent on the gubernatorial sea, you would see that north has spent eight years (Ajain and Adefarati’s tenure) and some months, the central is going to complete her own eight years by February next year while southern senatorial district has only spent five years and some months on seat.

What is more, our party today has comparative advantage in the south senatorial districts, being the base of our party in the state. We won all the seats contested for in the last election.

Also, in the round-table meeting, I advocate that all major positions be shared equitably so as the fear of the issue of “winner takes all” or ‘winner decides the fate of others’ as witnessed before will be allayed.

I am not ignorant the fact that our constitution allows all eligible party members to aspire but how do we provide answers to the question ‘ ki lo mu bo’?

Meanwhile to the good people of south senatorial district, I implore you to believe that I would not trade your rights and privileges for anything except the right price for this our individual family, our great party, the people democratic party , the people of Ondo state and above all, all Nigerians because here we are recognized and honored.

At this juncture, let me commend the courage of all our aspirants. You have really demonstrated uncommon love and patriotism despite the clear evidence of an anointed candidate which to me is uncalled for. I want to believe this the purpose of aspiring is not to destabilize the party rather, when all interest are justify and peacefully reconciled the party will come out stronger and unbeatable. Nothing to share from northing.