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Monkey Pox: Ondo Health Commissioner Calls For Calm

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Following the recent outbreak of the virile infection Monkey Pox ,in over six States of Nigeria and its resultant panic, Ondo State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Wahab Adegbenro has allayed the fear of residents by calling for calm.

The Health Commissioner said though there are reported cases in neighbouring States, Ondo State is still free of it thus there is no cause for alarm.

Dr. Adegbenro said the infection is transmitted by Monkeys, Squirrels and other animals and in the same class as Chicken and Small Pox.

He disclosed that Monkey Pox was first discovered in the Republic of Congo after the elimination of Small Pox and that it was not as bad as the old Small Pox or Ebola.

Some of its symptoms according to him include: severe headache, fever, sore throat, body and back ache as well as rashes all over the body.

In his words the ” incubation period is between 6 – 16 days and its antidote is personal and environmental hygiene “.

The helmsman in the health sector appealed to residents to abstain from ” Bush Meat” for now, ensure Meats are thoroughly cooked before eating and be watchful so that any suspected case is immediately reported to the nearest hospital .

Dr. Adegbenro said the Government is combat ready and on top of the situation as its Emergency Preparedness and Surveillance teams both at the State and LGA levels have swung into action.

Other proactive measures put in place include provision of Isolation Wards in all State Specialist Hospitals in the State, large scale Sensitisation and Public Enlightenment in Print, Electronic and Social Media among others.

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