It is no surprise that the views i expressed in “MY POSITION AND CONCERN: A FACTOR OF NECESSITY ON OUR PARTY (PDP) GUBERNATORIAL RACE” are causing divergent reactions from many stakeholders concerned.

However, let it be clear that I stand by my opinion as expressed in the write up on the emerging crises rocking our party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP)  regarding choice of candidate that will become the flagbearer of the party in the November 26 governorship election here in Ondo state.

First, I want to stress that this piece was not meant for the social media. I did not post it on social media, but the leaders of our great party in the state in their own views decided to.

The issues raised in the piece include;
1. The need for all major stakeholders, including women, to be carried along in our struggle to retain the control of the machinery of the state and stop agitation for vested interest that may affect critical political elements within the party.
2. The need to allow and provide a level playing ground for all gubernatorial aspirants to showcase their potential with due recognition to historical and conventional bonds.
3. The need for recognition of senatorial components, with a view to addressing where the next governor should come from without a hitch.
4. The need for the number one party leader, the State Governor, to urgently call all major stakeholders to a round table discussion.
5. That for sake of posterity, the South and the North Senatorial Districts, in the name of justice, fairness and equity, be more favored.
6. That my preferred senatorial districts is the Southern Senatorial District, because in total, the Central and North have ruled the state for like eight years each, while the South has had five years and few months.
7. That our party today has comparative advantage in the South Senatorial District, being the base of the party in the state.
8. The need for all major positions to be shared equitably to allay the fear of all stakeholders, among others.

I want to remain committed to these views. I stand by my opinion that the leaders of the party need to convene stakeholders meeting on this matter, to smoothen all the rough edges by giving every zone sense of belonging. It is then we can work happily for the success of the party come November 26.

I believe whoever is aspiring, is doing so for development, except it becomes selfish and personal. So, whoever the mantle finally settled on, should tell the people what and what he has for the rest of the zones and the people generally.

Let us also note that whoever makes contribution to my earlier opinion should be cautious, reasonable, modest and work in harmony with others to let peace reign.

Mr Governor is a friend of many years and he knows I cannot work against his interest, as far as such interest will serve the good people of ondo state and maintain continuity of good governance. Above all, whatever happens to man in life is by providence, through the instrumentality of God-sent.