Marrakesh – Where the experts meet

  • Senator Jimoh Ibrahim CFR speaks

By Olumide Olubakinde

Marrakesh, Morocco is host to World Bank & IMF meeting this week and making it the first time in 50 years to gather on African soil. Again, it is time to urge the rich nations to be generous to Africa.

Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors including other selected financial experts from over 189 countries are attending need know that the economic cold war between the US and China is the undertone of this meeting and of course what to give Africa. The optimism however is to revise projection upwards and give the global economy a breath.

But there is war, war in Europe and now war in Israel changing the calculation of this experts, yet the question is what will be the gain of Africa? Since 1973 when the meeting was held in Nairobi, Kenya Robert Manamara then President of the bank advocated for Africa urging compassion from the rich west especially for the industralization of Africa.

Today after 50 years Africa is lucky to have Dr Jimoh Ibrahim CFR attending, he has become the voice of Africa at this gathering, Africa saddled usually with a marabout leadership that could not advance the advocacy of Robert Manamara, Dr Jimoh Ibrahim has come to the rescue advocating for the swap of Africa debt with the pains of the climate change.

Dr Jimoh Ibrahim CFR is a Nigerian Senator, business mogul and philanthropist. His bold advocacy at the meeting has held the body spell bound especially as the dawn’s on them to heal the wounds of Africa.

At home Dr Jimoh Ibrahim is changing the face of the National Assembly by his unrelenting strides to uplift the poorest and bring dividends of democracy truly to doorsteps of the people. Jimoh, a house hold name in Nigeria politics has brought his intelligence to the world body giving the sign of shift from our local leadership of stomach to that of technical know-how, and that is the only way to save Nigeria and Indeed Africa.

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