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Dear Sir,

Many Congratulations on your overwhelming victory in the just concluded Ondo poll. You came at the exact time that Ondo State needs an agent of change. We optimistically believe that your case will be different. However, I need to stress it that if your case will be different, your approach must be different. I am aware that you know that you cannot do the same as your predecessor and expect a different result.
I understand that you have some cherished desires for the State; my prayer is that you will achieve all of these desires. I write offer some suggestions that I think will help you succeed in running the affairs of Ondo State.
First, go for infrastructures. Majority of the people that pilot the affairs of our country did not know the difference between amenities and infrastructures. Moreover, the nation as a whole has suffered for this ignorance. A telling example is the seven billion naira residences built for the vice president. The consequence of this is pronounced in our current economy reality. The little resources available should be spent judiciously on infrastructural developments.
Second, people who contributed to your victory will attempt to intimidate you in terms of appointment. Do not be intimidated; give the right person the right job. Do not make an architect the commissioner for education. Appoint people who have corrupt-free antecedent; citizens who have credibility as well as the required expertise.
Families and friends will threaten your administration with outrageous demands. They will want you to spend public fund to sponsor their selfish ambitions. Let me just remind you here that nepotism, just like corruption, is a grave crime. It can ruin all your ambitions for the Ondo people.
Embrace continuity. The projects of your predecessor that are viable should continue. If not any, Abiye; mother and child should continue to live. Do not embark on projects to impress people but to impact lives. I say this because impression can only last but for awhile but impacts will last till eternality.
Be rigid as well as flexible; be tough as much as you are simple. Be simple with those that are simple and tough with people who are tough. I say this because I knew some people who need iron hand to comply with any instruction. You are surrounded with such people.
Listen to advices. Like the one as am giving now, advices will fly into your office more the you expect. I advise that you give your hears to these advices. Follow the ones that will do us good and discard the ones that will produce eternal regret. Consult experts; you cannot know everything.
Listen to critics. Some of them are anointed to see fault; some of them are your sworn enemy. They will critics you with last drop of their blood. Instead of engaging them in a verbal war, I will advise that you weigh their points, accept the ones that are constructive and discard the ones that are destructive. If need be to fight them, do that by being transparent and accountable.
Importantly, remember that you have inherently inherited debt in the tune of billions in it tens. Workers were not smiling; please do well by making them smile to bank. Unemployed youth are grumbling; please do what you can to terminate their grumbling. Provide enabling environment for business and entrepreneur.
Lastly, learn to manage you anger. I knew that you were not an aggressive person. I also know that humans can cause the meekest person to lose his temper. The people of Ondo State will torture your patient; I will advise that you speak good words to the good people of Ondo State. Do not call them unprintable names.

I trust that if you get these things right, others things will follow. If you follow these suggestions, Ondo State will describe you as her messiah comes 2021. I promise to keep writing you throughout you stay in office. God bless you sir. Have a successful tenure in office.
Welcome to Alagbaka – the Ondo’s Aso villa.

Yours sincerely,
Abbey Mogaji
Concerned citizen

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