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Joe Biden’s US Presidency: lifting of travel ban, appointment of Nigerians in cabinet made possible by huge Africans & BATS Vanguard support

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A ray of hope for a Bola Tinubu Presidency has been made brighter by the victory of President Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States ( POTUS), a stakeholder of Bola Ahmed Tinubu Solidarity Vanguard (BATS-V) , Ambassador (Dr.) Dare Owotomobi , FCPA, Global Chairman, BATSV has said.

Dr. Dare Owotomobi who expressed his satisfaction with the emergence of Joe Biden as US President in a telephone interview said Bola Ahmed Tinubu Solidarity Vanguard rejoice with the citizens of the United States and all lovers of democracy and good governance all over the world.

Dr Salewa Olafioye and President Joe Biden

Hear him, “The United States democracy has been the model of establishing democratic ethics, ethos and culture in all countries by surrendering the power of governance to the people through participatory representation.

“The last four years have stressed and tested the will and stability of the Democracy and institutions in the US, and her leadership position as well as relationship with other nations of the world. The last administration introduced political and policy dynamics which undermined the dreams of the founding fathers of America and constituted strains and threat on the internal coercion and foreign policies with other nations.

Ambassador (Dr.) Dare Owotomobi

“The COVID19 pandemic threw a devastating punch on the US, shook her health systems to the marrow and unleashed death on over three hundred thousand life and still unabated. The lackadaisical,denial and poor approach of the Trump administration exposed more than twenty million life to the virus, thus crippling the economy with resurgent negative spread all over the world due to the strategic position of the United States economy on the global economy.”

Also the Director General of BATS-V in The Diaspora , Dr. Salewa Olafioye While congratulating the newly inaugurated US President, Joe Biden and his Vice, Kamala Harris, said Joe Biden had the overwhelming support of Afro Americans and the majority votes of Africans resident in the United States.

Dr. Salewa Olafioye , former Consultant to The United Nations said, ” our joy is that the candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu Solidarity Vanguard ( BATS-V) in The Diaspora worked for in the US polls won with overwhelming majority votes at the elections and at the electoral college, leading to his confirmation at The Capitol by the US Senate.

The Director General of BATS-V in The Diaspora, Dr. Olafioye noted that their Principal, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who is more prominently positioned to emerge as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come 2023 will work effectively with the Joe Biden administration, stressing that Asiwaju Tinubu is a Chicago trained Accountant of repute and a leading light of developmental politics in Nigeria, nay Africa.

Olafioye noted with relief that the Biden Presidency has shown his passion for the growth of the continent of Africa and the people of Nigeria by appointing three Nigerians into key positions in his cabinet and lifting travel ban imposed on Nigeria . ” The US President deemed it fit to revert the travel ban on Nigeria as one of the first assignment he executed in office . This gesture for America /Nigeria bilateral relationship is a step in the right direction.

“The Bola Ahmed Tinubu Solidarity Vanguard (BATS-V) worked hand in hand with the Joe Biden campaign team and the victory of Biden is soothing and reassuring for the Vanguard ahead of the Nigerian Presidential election in 2023,” Dr. Olafioye stressed.

The woman leader of BATS-V , Hon. Bola Obayan, commenting from her base in New York noted that the emergence of Kamala Harris as US Vice President is significant for women empowerment around the globe . She said her Vice Presidency will continue to encourage African women to be actively involved in popular political participation . Also commenting on the Joe Biden victory, the Chief Strategist of BATS-V, Chief Titus Amadi said the Biden Presidency is urged to increase economic bilateral trade between USA and Africa.

In their respective opinion, other BATS-V stakeholders shared their view and expectations of the Joe Biden/ Kamala Harris Presidency. Prof. Tokunbo Onabanjo , BATS-V Media Director from Atlanta Georgia noted that the development of alternative energy source will be a strong area of mutual development between USA and Nigeria; Wale Kalejaye, BATS-V Region Director , Europe emphasised the need to have a Nigerian President with international appeal, stressing that every lover of development both in Nigeria and those in The Diaspora should begin to build a consensus round Asiwaju Bola Tinubu whose candidacy for the 2023 presidency in Nigeria has national and international appeal.

Dr. Abiola Oshodi , Region Director of BATS-V for Canada , while congratulating President Joe Biden for his deserving victory , emphasised the need for food security for Africa. He charged the Biden Presidency to consider potential areas of interest to be explored for mutual growth of Africa in the life span of his budding administration of the number one Democracy in the globe.

On the Tinubu / Biden factor, Oshodi said Nigeria under the leadership of Tinubu post 2023 will be in a pole position to form a stronger alliance and productive bilateral relationship with America.

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