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Jimoh Ibrahim sues for peace at Igodan Lisa

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receives rousing welcome

Ondo South Senatorial Candidate of All Progressives Congress and billionaire business mogul, Dr Jimoh Ibrahim was today received at Igodan Lisa by the people of the town who welcomed him with open arms from the entry of the town with band music.

That Barr. Ibrahim was given a heroic welcome is no surprise. The Igbotako born lawyer, business man and technocrat is nonetheless a peace ambassador whose presence at Igodan, is obvious enough, will help stem the tide of the crisis that has weighed down the community recently.

It will be recalled that Igodan Lisa encountered a turmoil a fortnight ago over the news of a claimant to the stool of Olu of Igodan Lisa which did not go well with the desire of the Community’s High Chiefs – Ijamas’ and this has threatened peace in the agrarian town.

While welcoming The All Progressives Congress, APC strongman to the Igodan , The Lisa of Igodan Lisa , High Chief  Zacchaeus  Aiyeobasan narrated the challenge the people of the town had faced in the hand of one of the Princes laying claim to the Olu of Igodan stool. Aiyeobasan said they are not opposed to the vacant stool being filled, adding that all they are demanding is due process as it is going to be against the run of tradition for just one person to wake up one day and declare himself the monarch of the town, even as he noted that assuming the stool is not by a display of brigandage or hooliganism.

High Chief Aiyeobasan appealed to Jimoh Ibrahim to use his good brand as a stakeholder and his good leverage as a leading APC stalwart to help restore peace that is much needed now in Igodan Lisa.

In his remark, the Araba, Jimoh Ibrahim, CFR thanked the good people of Igodan Lisa for giving him a rousing welcome. He said the people of Igodan Lisa are peace loving people and they have extended their support to him in the town ahead of time, noting that he is quite more at home in their midst, adding that they are people he can count on their support at any time.

Ibrahim however reiterated that as an Ikale son, who is very passionate about peace  a sinequanon for both economic and political development, he will not fold his arms and watch a peaceful community slide into crisis mode because of Obaship tussle.

The Araba also corroborated High Chief Aiyeobasan’s view point by stating that the community is bigger than any individual and the communal theory for peace and tranquility is the fact that all individuals have to bow to the collective resolve of the people who make up a community.

Ibrahim said there is need for peace not just in Igodan but the entire Ondo South, nay Ondo state.

He appealed to all the Princes to allow the Community’s High. Chiefs to, according to tradition decide who the next monarch of the town is, adding that they must carry the state government along in the selection process as taking laws into their hands will not be tolerated by the state government.

Ibrahim also assured them that all the necessary steps towards resolving the Obaship matter will be taken.

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