Jimoh Ibrahim raises bar of philanthropy, factors PLWDs into December benefit package

  • Steve Ovirih.

The Ondo South Senator, Dr. Jimoh Folorunsho Ibrahim, CFR is no doubt a man of many parts. You cannot doubt his academic acumen or his political sagacity, neither can you doubt his concern for grassroots socio political development .

Icin on the cake for Jimoh Ibrahim is his overwhelming support for his constituents at all times when the need arises. He had activated a cash disbursement of three hundred thousand Naira to three hundred members of his Senatorial District less than two months ago, to beneficiaries whom he officially nominated and appointed as his Community Liason Officers ( CLOs); no doubt the beneficiaries had smiled home with what was more or less a ‘ wind fall’ of cash in a persisting economic atmosphere that was stifling domestic economy. The Senator in his large mind generously mitigated the finacial challenges that had been stalling many a constituent , if not generally speaking, Nigerians in their multiple hundred folds.

Not all politicians spare thought for People Living with Disabilities ( PLWDs) and if at all, some simply show lip service , providing piecemeal offers that are merely motivated to curry voters attention when such effort is knocking on the door.

Not for Dr. Jimoh Ibrahim, the Federal Legislator and billionare business mogul; In an exclusive media release, the Southern Senatorial District Representative to The Senate had indicated that he was looking the way of People Leaving with Disabilities ( PLWDS) , particularly those who have mobility issues , stressing the need for public spirited people not to just watch them as they perpetually grind in lack and finding it difficult to work and walk. “We are going to assist them by December and my own support to them is that I am giving out one hundred wheel chairs to people Living with Disabilities across Ondo South and each of them will get minimum, I can tell you minimum of a hundred thousand Naira bank draft.

” It can be more than that but the projection for now is a minimum of a hundred thousand per each challenged person alongside a wheel chair. Of course a wheel chair sells for not less than 120,000 Naira . So we do what we want to do for People Living with Disabilities,” Dr. Jimoh Ibrahim had stressed.

There is no gainsaying how much smile this philantropic gesture will put on the face of Ondo South PLWDs. It will not only make them smile but wiĺl will also give them a genuine lift of faith and quite a sensitive sense of belonging in a society that cares less about their plight.

Such is the essence and reach of Senator Jimoh Ibrahim’s philantropy , a stride fast becoming his trait even beyond the realm of politics and politicking.

The lot of the society is better served when proferring solutions to issues do not sidetrack the interest of Special People such as those Living with Disabilities as they all possess some of the rare potentials and skiĺls even with their Disabilities notwithstanding . They are not minority in the society and deserve care , love and attention; that is the more reason the gesture of the Ondo South Senator, Dr. Jimoh Ibrahim is noteworthy as this will continue to consolidate the resolve of PLWDs to actively contribute their quota to communal development.

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