I ask this question in spite of rumours which have translated into action by the fact that Mr Governor has reportedly invited some people to advance the JEGEDE course. This question is apt because the Iroko that I know is a master of the political game, who has enormous capacity to accurately read the political barometer and foretell the political whether any time any day. It is therefore not only baffling but preposterous to imagine, that at this juncture of our checkered political /party history, our leader would think of no other person but a man who is completely alien to the political waters of Ondo state, to swim in this political ocean. It is sincerely unimaginable .
I state without any fear of contradiction, the fact that Mr Governor would not see any of us who have been his disciples for over two decades, but would think of a stranger to this exalted office beats my imagination because It is capable of not only subjecting the PDP politicians into circumscription but could obliterate the party which is the only hope of the common man in Nigeria nay Ondo state.
Even the Science of Chemistry teaches us that in the electro chemical series, higher metals would always displace lower ones. Therefore, a politician of higher political credentials and reputation with the requisite experience should be made to displace JEGEDE in the mind of the Governor and all that believe in that agenda. This has the certainty of setting things right as the PDP equation is already gliding towards disequilibrium. I wish to use this medium to call on all well meaning leaders and elders of the PDP that, they should prevail on the Governor to drop this idea because it has the unwholesome effect of capsizing the boat of the PDP. God forbid.
Without any delay, the leadership of the PDP should stop wasting time and resources and embark on a more realistic political adventure targeted at getting a viable candidate for our dear party, who will be able to stand the stiff opposition from the APC.
Without been a prophet of doom, it should be clear to all that the JEGEDE candidacy cannot fly, it can only bring complications to our party and possibly maim or even kill the party and inflict socio-economic injuries on our people as the opposition, APC is already in possession of the epitaph of the PDP which they hope to bring out, if this inglorious song is eventually sang.
Jegede would still govern Ondo state I believe, but he need to be quarantined and immuned against anti political dispositions. Not only this, he needs to be tutored properly on the ideals of the supersonic age politics as it concerns Ondo state which is required of any leader that wants to takeover leadership of the sunshine state. All these he will be able to achieve if he steady in the state and only if the PDP succeeds which is largely a function of the right candidate.
We should put aside sentimentalization of our party politics as it is unabatingly and appallingly tormenting the rank and file of our members and except this is discontinued, it will make the PDP house uncontrollably suffocating and inhabitable with gargantuan negative consequences.
Dropping of the JEGEDE idea would move the PDP several steps in the direction of the Alagbaka government house.
May God help PDP.