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Irele ICT Centre: Ajimotokin Laying Foundation for the Future

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By Oludaisi Omokungbe

By forecast and reality, we are fast approaching the fourth industrial revolution age across the world where software will disrupt most traditional industries and way of doing things and business in the next 5-10 years driven by Information Communication Technology (ICT). It is appropriate to say that the language of the future is ICT in whatever you are going to do either as a business or career.

By 2030, computers will become more intelligent than humans. 70 to 80% of regular works and jobs will disappear in the next 20 years. A lot of new jobs will appear which means there will be job loss and job gain. The major difference that will exist between those to gain or lose the upcoming jobs is their technical capacity and knowledge to be fit and operate in the emerging economy and work environments.

I salute Honourable Olusegun Ajimotokin, The Deputy Majority Leader of the Ondo State House of Assembly for being a true representative of the people and a leader who is forthright in thinking and acting to provide solutions to problems affecting his people. Laying the foundation for an ICT centre at Ode-Irele is a preparatory effort to making new leaders that will be vast in the tech emerging world and make them ready for the challenge ahead.

The lawmaker in his address during the laying of the foundation of the centre said, “the purpose of the ICT Centre was to ensure that students have access to basic computer education and internet facilities to meet up with modern day education system”. This statement clearly expresses the heart of a man who wants the best future for those coming behind him. Ajimotokin not only demonstrate this love by statement alone, he went further by informing his constituents that the project will be sponsored from his salary not from the usual constituency project allowance which has not been paid in the last three years.

For those who have been following the proceedings of the 8th Ondo State House of Assembly will be kind enough to compliment the truth that no constituency project allowance has been paid to any lawmaker in Ondo State. Whoever doubts this declaration of truth should make use of the power of Freedom of Information Act to find out more from the appropriate quarters and channels.

It is worthy to call on all the sons and daughters of Irele Local Government to support this man of purpose to complete and deliver this project for the use of especially our young population to advance their skills, studies and for business benefits. To some at a particular quarter, it is politics. This tool since 1999 has done us no good than bad and I appeal to them to see the project as a tool to prepare our young people for educational liberation and economic development in few years to come.

I, therefore, call on our youths to shun any political leader or groups with agenda to condemn this project in order to launch and advertise their selfish political ambitions. This project is not for Honourable Olusegun Ajimotokinkin but for you all to learn and create the kind of future you want for yourselves. We all have duties to towards the completion of this project. We must pray against all kinds of evils that may want gather against the project and support the lawmaker to complete it on schedule for the benefits of our people. Monitor, track and supervise the project to its completion.

Irele belongs to all of us and we must work together to make it a great place. Contribute your quota today; shun politics of destruction and enmity.

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