In Just Two Plenary Sittings: Senator Jimoh Ibrahim kicked the ball rolling to achieve transcendent goals

The culture of 100 days in office to deliver quick wins has gained ground. In fact, the executive arm of government have adopted the practice as a key component to showcase their readiness for the task given to them by the people. This no doubt has been difficult for the Legislative arms as legislators rely solely on funds for constituency projects to hit the ground running in their various senatorial districts.

However, in his indomitable will to fulfill ingenius representation in his Senatorial district, Senator (Dr) Jimoh Ibrahim has set a clear vision with a deep sense of human empowerment within his personal capacity.

Senator Jimoh Ibrahim CFR, who is also the Chief Commander of a group in Ondo South Senatorial District with the popular sobriquet “Asryori ” where six thousands (6000) people of the Senatorial district were given tangible incentives by the Senator representing Ondo South in red chamber has promised to appoint 66 Special Assistants in the 66 wards of the Senatorial District.

“On the impacts level, 66 Community Impacting SAs will be appointed soon; one per ward on an average salary scale of fifty thousand naira (50k) per mouth with an upfront payment of six months salary (#300, 000) immediately after their inauguration.”

Towards entrenching party participation in decision making, the people’s Senator, Dr Jimoh Ibrahim CFR, has made it clear that the party structure will see to the listing of the 66 Special Assistants across the 66 wards with no or little intervention from his office by enjoining the selection process to be gender balanced.

“The party structure will do the list and I will do little intervention. It should be 40 % for women and 60% for men. We can do that next month with payment of 6 months salary and inauguration.”

Apart from that, Dr Jimoh in an interactive section with his people promised an instantaneous intervention on restoration of electricity, push for bills on mining of bitumen and and Ayetoro sea incursion.

“I am working on Ayetoro bill, the establishment of Bitumen commission in Ode Irele and I will be booking an appointment with My President with the light contractor following me to explain the current state of our light”, he said.

Without any scintilla of doubt, people of Ondo South are lucky to vote for a representative with a thoughtful capacity, accompanied by a superior mind of action cctv.

A returning officer in senate election; the first person to be called by the Senate president~ Senator Godswill Akpabio to give a reaction on his speech for ten minutes; after seconding one motion out of two moved so far in the 10th Srnate.

Certainly, Ondo South help is on the way.


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